Multi Color Moisturizing Spa Gloves



Deeply heal your hands with these easy to use spa gloves! 

These Multi Color Moisturizing Spa Gloves are the perfect remedy to dry, chapped skin and a great way to pamper yourself by bringing the spa to your home. Designed with insulated gel lining that warms the skin, allowing treatments to effectively nourish the skin & lock-in moisture, and a soft cotton exterior with touch-screen fingertips that allow you to multitask. These gloves soften calluses and help repair damage cuticles. They are washable and reusable and the packaging serves as a reusable storage pouch! Add your favorite lotion or cream for deep conditioning, and treat yourself to soft, supple skin!

  • Material: Gel: 73.5% Cotton: 20% Spandex: 5% Jojoba Oil: 0.5% Olive Oil: 0.5% Vitamin E: 0.5%
  • Color: Rainbow Speckle
  • Size: One Size