About Us

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Oh, Hello!

Here at Inherit, we create quality apparel for women who believe modest fashion is not about showing the world your style – it is simply about being true to yourself. By combining effortless looks, quality fabrics and an exceptional customer experience, we will help create a community through common threads of our own making. We would be honored if you joined us on this journey.

Meet the team



Faith, family, work... and a lot of gettin' it done!



Facts + figures by day, husband and homework helper by night!


Design and Purchasing Stylist

Stylin' + organizin'... it's kinda her thing.


Inventory Director

Caffeine, consistency and family activities!


Web Development and Content Design

Camera in one hand, cat in the other.


Marketing Director

Loves her newfie and husband, not in any particular order.


Shipping and Inventory Associate

Is cotton candy a love language?


Shipping and Inventory Associate

Faith, family, farmin' and good friends.


Store Front Director

Coffee, kids and lake time


Shipping Director and Customer Care

Pasta, people and positive vibes.


Design Specialist

Enjoys all things sweet, her children, grandkids and chocolatey treats!


Store Front

Kim makes an amazing brunch and loves being with her 12 beautiful grandchildren.


Store Front

Wife, mama + loves the outdoors!


Store Front

You'll always find Carlie with a smile and encouraging you to buy your favorite things! 


Store Front

Kind, smiling + ready to get things done!


Store Front

Leah has a passion for people and love for all around her!

Our values

Timeless designs that transcend the trends.

We are dedicated to stitching our passion into everything we create.

Create common threads of positivity and inspiration for women everywhere who share our values.

Staying true to ourselves means staying true to our customers. Our business plan begins with the golden rule.

Stay grounded. Every day. Together, we’ll raise each other up.

At the end of the day, this isn’t about creating fashion. It’s about serving others with humility, integrity and joy.

To offer women clothing that transcends the trends, while bringing our style of joy to the world.