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Beauty Bar Bag

Beauty Bar Bag

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This mesh fabric Beauty Bar Bag creates a thick, foamy lather from your conditioner and shampoo bars for a luxurious washing! It will preserve the life of your bar and will hang neatly in your shower for 360 degree airflow to dry your bars quickly! These are machine washable and hang to dry!
Step 1: Place shampoo or conditioner bar in the bag.
Step 2: Feed the long side through the center hole on the short side to form a top loop.
Step 3: Wear top loop around your wrist & wet bar bag. Use both hands to rub the bag fabric gently against the bar creating a rich foamy lather. Wipe the bar onto your hair wile it is inside the bag.
Step 4: Store your bar in the bag & hang to dry. This helps your bar dry quickly, last longer & saves your shower from soap dish goop!
  • Color: Black for Conditioner & Pink for Shampoo

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