Our Five Favorite Travel Tips!

Our Five Favorite Travel Tips!

You've been planning your Labor Day trip for a while. A few days before your travels (OK, more like one day before ) you find yourself wondering if you are really ready. Questions like: What should I wear on my flight? Did I pack enough shampoo? Snacks?! Wait, where are my snacks? Sound familiar? 


1. Remember our blog post on closet organization with Amanda? She recently went on a work trip and shared some tips with us! Her first travel tip is using the Marie Kondo folding technique -- exactly how she folds her closet!  The folding technique states, "In short: rather than haphazardly laying things flat in a drawer (or suitcase in this matter), they should stand upright; the more folds there are, the less wrinkled the item will be once ready for wear." When living out of a suitcase for a couple days, why not maximize your space and options of a wrinkle free wardrobe! Amanda loves this method, and we do too!

Flat packing -Inheritco

 2. Remove an outfit. Yep, you heard that right. Less stuff = less stress! Say you are going to be traveling for five days...that equals five outfits.  Now, take one away! (Yay for math!) Amanda said, she knew she would wear her favorite outfit of the five outfits packed again. She learned from past experience she never wears everything she brings. Seems like a pretty smart concept, if you ask us! 

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Boom Chika Pop anyone?! Yum!!

 3. Layers ladies! Not only does this save precious suitcase space, it also gives you options when you leave chilly Minnesota and then arrive somewhere that is sunny and 75! :) Style tip from Amanda: a cozy skirt and your favorite tee layered with a jacket or cardigan. Wear a pair of comfy shoes and you'll be set. Making sure you are comfortable really helps ease the stress of traveling. 

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4. Plan for heading home! Amanda uses a nifty Flight Spacepak that has one side for clean garments and one side for her laundry! It is nice as it keeps your undergarments out of sight and in one spot!  She also loves to bring her own shampoo + conditioner. You can find the TSA approved containers she uses here! Even if you overpack...you have saved some space, ladies! We consider that a win.

Packed travel bag - Inheritco Shop the suitcase! Stand by Sweetness Top, Jean Jacket, Sail Away Dress, Remi Skirt, Button Down Chambray, Rebecca Knit Skirt, Braided Belt, Luxe Envelope Clutch, Slip on Sneakers

5. Last, but not least, the snack hack! Ok it's not really a hack, but we just wanted to share this amazing rice noodle dish that Amanda had at Shoyu, in the Minneapolis airport. It is always up to TSA to determine what goes through security, that information found here. However, we thought we would share some foodie fun while at the airport. 1. Stay hydrated, jet lag is real and the last thing you want is to get dehydrated during your busy flight. 2. Quick snacks like popcorn, nuts and crackers are easy to pack and eat on the go. 3. The airport is also a fun place to find your not - so - ordinary options! No matter where you are traveling, it's always fun to try something new! 

"We don't travel to escape life, but so life doesn't escape us!"

Anyone traveling this Labor Day weekend? Share your favorite travel tip with us below! 

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Hello Shawn! We are so happy you found the Kondo folding technique so interesting and helpful! While writing this blog post, we all said we pack way too much, and to simplify travel it is so nice to just pack those essentials! We hope you have a wonderful time in Palm Springs, let us know if you ended up using any of these tips!! :)
Inherit Co.
I have always “bundled my clothes” when travelling however when I reach my destination it is a pain to find what I need. The Kondo technique sounds like a perfect solution. I also pack way too much and always seem to forget an essential such as a light weight jacket for those cool nights. I am heading to Palm Springs for a week and will use these hints as I plan for the trip. Great article!! Thanks!!

Hello Carol! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog! We love the folding and packing technique too so I am happy to hear you enjoyed it, and maybe it can help you out the next time you are traveling!! ;) Have a great day!

Inherit Co.
I love the way you pack your outfits and count according to the days traveling. Yes sometimes snacks get through the TSA and in the next airport they do not, nothing packed is for sure. Happy traveling. !!

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