Tips on how to organize your clothes closet!

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We are so excited about this blog post! Our Design and Purchasing Stylist, Amanda is going to share tips on how she creates space, maximizes storage and organizes her clothes closet efficiently! She even shares the KonMari method, that sparks so much joy!

Quickly, declutter and clean up your closet!

The first step to getting your closet organized is to go through and clean. it. out.  
Remove all items from closet.  Yep, ALL of them.  One by one - hold up the item and ask yourself the following questions...
  • When is the last time I wore this? If you haven’t worn an item in more than two seasons.....goodbye!
  • Is this too small or way too big.....bye bye!
  • Is the item stained, torn, or have yellow underarms on those white shirts? 
  • Would the item even adhere to donation guidelines at a local thrift store?.....hmmm, yep adios!  
  • Does it spark J O Y? ( Thanks Marie! )
    A great way to finalizing parting with these items is knowing you can donate to a local organization or gift to a friend with similar taste + style! Aww, what a good friend you are! However, the goal isn't to see how much you can get rid of. It's to create a space that makes you happy, and fills you with JOY {NO MORE outfit crisis before church!}.  A space that gives you more time in the morning...and makes a little part of your life a bit more efficient!  

    Clean and Declutter Your Closet With The KonMari method that sparks joy!

    Next, shop your clothes and declutter!

    Sort your clothing by type, color, season and style! Amanda recommends organizing by like items first. For instance, layering tee's on one rack and modest cardigans on the other. Then from there you can arrange by color, patterns and style. Another bonus to this is you will unknowingly put together different outfits when you see them arranged differently!  

    Clean and Declutter Your Closet With The KonMari method that sparks joy!

    Getting the "hang" of this tidying up business?

    There are a few guidelines you should follow with hangers! First, avoid wire hangers that can damage your clothes. Amanda suggests these budget friendly, no-slip velvet hangers to make your closet look well-arranged and prevent your clothes from slipping. They hold everything from heavy winter coats to delicate dresses and are designed to save space! We love creating a space that sparks joy!

    Clean and Declutter Your Closet With The KonMari method that sparks joy!

    Have you seen the Marie Kondo Technique?

     Sweaters, jeans, socks, scarves and undergarments are best folded and stored on shelves or in drawers! Although you won't be folding your shoes, Amanda suggests putting them forward facing on a shelf so you can clearly see them and make pairing the correct shoe choice with an outfit that much easier. If you want to create more space, fold your goods with the Marie Kondo Folding Technique that Amanda uses below! It's a game changer. (...quickly runs to bedroom to fold sock drawer.
    Clean and Declutter Your Closet With The KonMari method that sparks joy!

    Think outside the box to maximize storage!

    Now that your clothes are nicely folded, find an easy way to keep them that way! Amanda suggests simple fabric bins here and puts them in her drawers to keep everything neat + tidy and visually easy to see for a quick grab! This is a lightweight solution to your storage needs that is totally space saving!

    Clean and Declutter Your Closet With The KonMari method that sparks joy!

    There you have it, a decluttered and joyful closet!

    We all do things differently and space can be abundant or undersized. Regardless of your closets situation, having your clothing beautifully portrayed and ready to wear during a busy morning hustle will hopefully make your life simpler and routine a bit quicker, all while sparking a little joy! 

    Clean and Declutter Your Closet With The KonMari method that sparks joy!

    spy a Cora Midi Dress above!!

    Have any closet organization tips + tricks? Share with us below, we would love to hear how you maximize your space!

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    Thank you ladies for the amazing comment, and kind words! We can’t wait to tackle more closets around here! :)

    Inherit Co.

    Hold on. is that her real closet????!!!!

    Stephanie Hannah

    Thank you so much! I’m on my way to organize like this right now. I need to get more velvet lined hangers!


    Great article. Fun to read with great tips! First time customer last Friday. Had to purchase a few cardigans, etc. Excited to learn the store is relocating and may carry a few more sizes for generous body types.

    Cynthia Yell

    I love this! Fabulous post and great ideas!!

    Chelsy Renee

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