12 Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Best Friends

12 Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Best Friends

All hail Galentine’s Day! We’ll take any excuse to celebrate the women in our lives, whether it’s our mom, mother figure, aunt, grandmother, best friend… You name them, we’re praising them. In case you didn’t know, this special day takes place on February 13th – the day before Valentine’s Day – and it’s all about spending time with your besties, and remembering just how important they are to you. And if you happen to want to get them a little treat to mark the day, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 Galentine’s Day gift ideas for 2022…

1. A Hand-Written Card

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Who says Valentine’s Day cards are just for partners? Now is the time to tell your friends just how much they mean to you, and the written word is one of the most thoughtful ways to get your admiration across. Pick up one of these sweet cards and fill it with in-jokes or stories of your past together. This is one gift they’ll want to keep for a lifetime. 

2. The Cutest Candy


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If they’ve got a sweet tooth, they’ll love receiving a jar of their favorite candy. Treat them with something extra special: a pot that features a cute saying on the front to really make them smile. Wrap them up, take them to a book club, and if your friend feels so inclined, they might even share them with you. ;)

3. A Scented Candle

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Something to warm their home and their heart. Certain scented candles can help to boost your mood, creating a calming atmosphere with the perfect blend of notes. So, if your friend has been feeling a little stressed and frazzled of late, pick them up one of these light, floral candles and encourage them to light it on a cozy night in. They’ll be grateful for the ‘me time’. 

4. Sweet Stationery

Shop gifts: Priority Checklist Notebook, More Than Enough Spiral Journal

For the friend who is always busy setting goals (and smashing them), or finds peace in journalling, wrap up some playful stationery that makes their everyday tasks feel like a joy. These brightly-colored checklists and notebooks add color to their desk or handbag instantly. Write a little note on the inside to remind them ‘you’ve got this’. 

5. Hair Accessories

Shop gifts: Rose Gold Rhinestone Bobby Pins, Pearl Bobby Pins

Because hair accessories are set to be one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022, help your friends get ahead of the season with glittering clips and grips they can wear to that special occasion. FYI: these also make ideal gifts for bridesmaids and your maid of honor, as your bridal party can wear them on your wedding day. 

6. Bath Bombs

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Let them know it’s time to relax with softly scented bath bombs. A pack of five minis will keep them well stocked up, so they have pampering treats ready for their next soothing soak. Beauty gifts in general are foolproof for Galentine’s Day, so you could even add their favorite lotion or lip balm to create the perfect ‘night in’ kit. 

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