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6 Stylish Outfits and Items for Cold Winter Walks

6 Stylish Outfits and Items for Cold Winter Walks

There’s something special about winter walks. From fairy light-lit strolls in December to chilly hikes in January, it’s a great way to get out in nature or explore your favorite city on foot. 

But here’s the thing: it’s cold outside right now, which means layering up is essential. Too often, you can find yourself one scarf or pair of gloves short, putting a damper on the most scenic of routes. So, we’ve pulled together stylish items and outfits for winter walks, wherever you are - starting from your base layers, right up to snug, cold-weather accessories.


1. Layer Lightweight Thermals

Sota Charcoal Long Sleeve Thermal
Sota Gray Long Sleeve Thermal

 Shop these winter walk looks: Sota Gray Long Sleeve Thermal, Sota Charcoal Long Sleeve Thermal 


Thermals are a must when the temperatures drop, especially in Minnesota, and these two lightweight layers are perfect picks. Wear alone, underneath your favorite shirt or with a warm vest over the top. We’ve even teamed them with comfy sweaters when the weather has turned icy. That’s the best thing about thermals; they never feel bulky, no matter how you style them up. 


2. Zip Up a Padded Vest

Black Faux Pocket Hooded Vest
Olive Reversible Fenton Vest

 Shop these winter walk looks: Black Faux Pocket Hooded Vest, Olive Reversible Fenton Vest


Sleeveless clothing rarely screams ‘winter’, but a vest is one exception. Zipped up over a sweater or under a coat, it seals in warmth and looks casual-chic to boot. If you live somewhere with milder temperatures, just a jumper underneath might be all you need. If you’re somewhere colder, pull a puffer or parka over the top. Instant coziness. 


 3. Pick the Perfect Coat

Black Collared Belted Fleece Coat
Gray Collared Herringbone Coat

 Shop these winter walk looks: Black Collared Belted Fleece Coat, Gray Collared Herringbone Coat


The focal point of your winter walk outfit; your coat pulls everything together. If you want something versatile, opt for a neutral palette you can team with colorful accessories. A black wrap style is ideal if your goal is to bundle up while looking effortlessly elegant. Meanwhile, light beige or gray tailored cuts can be dressed up or down, depending on where your long stroll might take you.


 4. Team Skirts with Leggings

Ultra Soft Leggings In Black
Ultra Soft Leggings In Navy

 Shop these winter walk looks: Ultra Soft Leggings in Black, Ultra Soft Leggings in Navy


Wearing a dress or a skirt? Try layering it over the top of leggings. Choosing a full-length pair means you can even tuck and hide the hem in your boots. You can’t go wrong with classic black or navy; two goes-with-anything colors that look just as stylish against denim as they do with a plush corduroy or floaty chiffon silhouette. 


5. Stock Up on Sweaters

Abstract Orange Crewneck Sweater
Gray Balloon Sleeve Sweater

 Shop these winter walk looks: Abstract Orange Crew Neck Sweater, Gray Balloon Sleeve Sweater


You can never have too many sweaters at this time of year. They work for every occasion, from lounging at home to going to church or heading out on a brisk, chilly walk. Pull it over your thermals, under a vest or wear solo if the weather is mild. We love teaming classic crews with bold colors, or wearing muted tones with statement sleeves for added flair.


6. Add Snug Accessories

Honey Plaid Pasha Knit Scarf
Sota Burnt Orange Cable Knit Beanie

 Shop these winter walk looks: Honey Plaid Pasha Knit Scarf, Sota Burnt Orange Cable Knit Beanie


Let’s talk winter accessories. First, reach for your biggest scarf. The one you can tuck hair into if the air is damp or pull up over your mouth to protect your face from chilly winds. Then, turn to cable knits for thickly-weaved warmth that stops freezing air getting through. Gloves and hats in this cozy fabric will keep you warm like no other. 

Looking for more tips on dressing in cold weather? Take a look at our round-up of the very best dress colors for fall/winter.


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