Account Reward

Account Reward

Open an Inherit account, and the rewards will keep on coming!

With the winter months fast approaching, what is a better way to treat yourself and lift those seasonal blues? How about treating yourself to a skirt, dress or top from our brick-and-mortar or online boutique for modest clothing? ...or maybe a few since, the more you buy, the more you’ll save!

Yep – we’re talking about our exclusive Inherit Rewards program, which allows you to shop with purpose and get a little joy back.  For every $1 you spend with us, you can receive one point to put towards future Inherit purchases.

It could be just the thing for making those dollars and cents go further at a time of year when they can be so tight – especially when your focus may not be on shopping for yourself, but on gifting to those you love so dearly.   You might be surprised this year that you are able to find a variety to not only treat yourself, but you might be surprised to find gifts to check a few of your loved ones off the list this holiday season.

It all works so simply!

The thing we love about our rewards program is that it’s so easy to use that it truly rewards you for being YOU! All that you have to do is create an Inherit Clothing Company customer account to automatically become a member of our program… as you can do by clicking the ‘Check Rewards’ tab on the right-hand side of the screen while you’re browsing our site or clicking create account in the top left-hand corner of the screen.  And, then you shop! You can earn points whether you shop in our Morris, Minnesota brick-and-mortar store, or online. Buying products from us isn’t the only way you can earn points – ‘liking’ us on Facebook and/or Instagram, leaving product reviews on our site, and referring a friend does the same.

Shop joyfully and purposefully this season and beyond

Whether you’re buying mainly for yourself, loved ones or friends, you’ll soon see those points gather as an Inherit account holder.

Once you reach 250 points – and remember that you can accomplish this purely by referring a friend – you’ll be able to enjoy $10 off your next Inherit order. Collect 500 points, and you  get $25 off, while a $75 discount will be yours if you have 1000 points in our ‘bank’.

The rewards will stack up so quickly, that you’ll wonder why you ever considered any other offline or online boutique for modest clothing. So get registering in seconds now, and just watch the perks keep rolling in as you discover more and more new favorites for your 2020 wardrobe!

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