• CODES: BDAY15 - BDAY20 - BDAY25

    CODES: BDAY15 - BDAY20 - BDAY25

Hotline Hair Ties Matte Set



So fun in your hair, the Hotline Hair Ties Matte Set are perfect for you or your girls! These hair ties are reinvented, they're super strong and will hold together the messiest of messy buns. Because of the coil design, they grip hair firmly without pulling, tearing, or creasing your hair. 


  • Style: Set of 3, coil design, ouchless, creaseless
  • Set: Tropical, Ultra Violet, Ivy League or Pool Party
  • Colors: 
    • Tropical - 1 each of pink, coral, and mint
    • Ultra Violet - 1 each of purple, lavender, and gray
    • Ivy League - 1 each of navy, wine, and black
    • Pool Party - 1 each of blue, coral, and yellow
  • Care: May slightly stretch after prolonged use. Place it into a bowl of hot water or use a blow dryer to shrink it to the original size.