Winter-ready maternity favorites

Winter-ready maternity favorites

A guide to some of our winter-ready maternity favorites

There are few things more wonderful than finding out that you’re expecting! However, if you’re as self-conscious as many of our team can be here at Inherit, we also realize you won’t want your emerging ‘baby bump’ to cramp your style.

 That’s precisely why it may be time to go shopping for a bit of women’s modest maternity wear here at Inherit! After all, we know how to create clothing that will make you feel utterly natural and you, whatever stage of your pregnancy you may presently be at – or even if you aren’t pregnant at all. 

Sometimes, an unassuming sweater is all you need

For a lot of us, it’s clear that our wardrobe doesn’t need a top-to-bottom revamp just because we have a little one on the way; instead, it may be simply a case of re-jigging our existing look.

This helps to explain the enduring popularity in our store of versatile layering items like the Waffle Wrap Button Sweater. It’s a drapey cardigan that works well when thrown over almost any outfit, with the button option giving you even more flexibility in terms of how to wear it.

Waffle Wrap Button Sweater Waffle Wrap Button Sweater

Shop this look:
Waffle Wrap Button Sweater

Or treat yourself to a jaw-dropping maxi dress or two

The beauty of the right maxi dress is that it feels gorgeously feminine and keeps you well-covered in all of those strategic areas, while also enabling you to show off your ‘baby bump’.

Our Buttery Soft Fit and Flare Maxi Dress, for example, is utterly entrancing in teal blue. But it’s the finer elements of the fit and shape – such as the bubble sleeves, gathering of the sleeves at the shoulders, and wrapped chest – that will really make you feel your very best.

Then, there’s the Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Dress, which is another one of our many styles that have been specifically designed for maternity use. However, it looks equally beautiful when worn at other times of life, so you can count on it for a wide range of contexts and occasions.

Buttery Soft Fit and Flare Maxi Dress Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Shop these looks:
Buttery Soft Fit and Flare Maxi Dress, Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Skirts and midi dresses can work just as well for maternity purposes

We really do have women’s modest maternity wear for every taste, event and setting here at Inherit, and given the success of our first maternity skirt design, we couldn’t possibly not mention its follow-up. Yep – we’re referring to the ‘Tonya’, a long maternity denim skirt with a comfortable elastic waistband and no slit.

And while we’ve been touching on the subject of versatility, you really can’t do better on that score than something in Polka Dot! Cue our Polka Dot Long Sleeve Knit Midi Dress, which incorporates fall-ready hues with an elastic waist to suit a wide range of body shapes. Oh, and the side pockets have been a big hit with many of the buyers of this midi dress, too. 

Tonya, a long maternity denim skirt Polka Dot Long Sleeve Knit Midi Dress 

Shop these looks:
Tonya Long Denim Skirt, Polka Dot Long Sleeve Knit Midi Dress

As you can see, gloom in the sky doesn’t have to mean gloomy sartorial choices this winter! Help yourself to just a few pieces of women’s modest maternity wear from the Inherit online store or brick-and-mortar outlet in Morris, Minnesota this season, and you’ll feel like the finest you throughout your pregnancy – whatever challenges the wintry conditions bring.

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