What are Some Timeless Outfit Ideas? Top 5 On-Trend Styles

What are Some Timeless Outfit Ideas? Top 5 On-Trend Styles

The seasons are changing, and it's time to get your wardrobe ready. As a busy wife and mother, you want to look your best but taking care of your family takes priority over choosing what to wear. That's okay. Take the guesswork out of what to wear. These timeless outfit ideas will help get you ready for whatever life has in store today.

Top 5 Timeless Outfit Ideas 


Spending your time focused on your inner beauty than outward appearances is important . Yet, how you adorn yourself should reflect your inner-self. These classic style trends will help you prioritize what matters and look great doing it.

1. Denim Done Right

Denim is back! Long denim skirts are in, and these stylish denim trends fuse fashion and function. They are extremely versatile. Wear it with a blouse for a casual twist on date night with your husband, or pair it with your favorite hoodie to take the kids to the park.

They are so comfortable and get all the same benefits of a classic denim look. Long denim skirts are perfect for all weather conditions. They are thick enough to keep you warm and breezy enough to keep you cool.

You can even find them in an assortment of colors. That way, you have more options than plain blue denim.



2. Versatile Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are an excellent way to stay stylish while remaining modest. These mid-length skirts are quite fashionable right now because they pair sense with sensibility.

You can wear a midi-skirt with a simple tee for more elegant attire. Or throw on a graphic striped tee with an olive, drawstring midi skirt for a quick trip to the grocery store. We just love how versatile they are! 


3. Simple Prints

This season is all about simple prints and subtle patterns. From maxi skirts with delicate prints to midi dresses with light florals, simple prints can make a classic statement. 

Couple with a denim jacket or a sun brim hat, and you look like you are ready to hit the beach. You can also opt for a more formal look with a classic black A-line skirt paired with a prairie blouse to look as classy as you do stylish.


4. Classic Cuts

Look chic with classic cuts that fit your body all while keeping a classy, on-trend style to wear to church or brunch with the ladies. The most classic cuts include:

  • Pleated
  • A-line
  • Paneled

  • Ruffle hems

  • Tiered

  • Straight

Take the classic cut of a pleated skirt and wear it with your flowing blouse for a comfortable outfit in the spring and summer. In the autumn or winter months, throw on a panel denim skirt with your warmest cardigan for a style as cozy as it looks.

5. Timeless Accessories

No outfit is complete without a few timeless accessories. Belts, shoes (or sandals), purses, totes, and handbags all make the outfit you're wearing stand out. Pairing your midi skirt with a matching belt, sandals, and tote will give your ensemble the finishing touches it needs so that you look adorable and feminine.

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