What are Some Cute Modest Outfits for Winter?

What are Some Cute Modest Outfits for Winter?

Winter is a great time to experiment with fashion. With all the layers and accessories, you can create unique looks while keeping them modest. Whether you're looking for something cozy and casual or a dressy ensemble, there are plenty of cute modest outfits to choose from here at Inherit, and we've gathered some of our favorites here. We have worked hard to design cute and modest dresses that are simply not on the market!


What Exactly is Considered a Modest Outfit?

The meaning of modest clothing has evolved over time from a religious or moral basis to one of personal preference. Historically, modest clothing was used to cover up the body and was often associated with religious beliefs or social practices. It was seen as a sign of piety or respectability.

Today, modest clothing is typically associated with personal preference, cultural background, and individual style. It can be seen as a way to express oneself more conservatively or traditionally. Ultimately, we believe modest clothing is a way to show your inner dignity and classy self without compromising your individual style.

4 Cute Modest Outfit Ideas for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to show off your modest style. Whether you’re looking for something cozy, chic, or both, these four modest outfit ideas will help you look your best all season long! We specialize in denim, and love keeping these new designs coming every season.

1. Denim Skirts and Jackets Layer Great with Turtlenecks and Sweaters for a Casual Look

Denim skirts and jackets are an excellent choice for a casual yet modest winter look! There are endless options for layering these two pieces with other capsule items from your wardrobe. Denim is so versatile that it can be paired with almost anything, making it an excellent option all year round.

However, if you're looking for a warm, casual look for the wintertime, try pairing a denim skirt with a turtleneck sweater and a denim jacket. Add some ankle boots and a scarf for an extra cozy touch. For a slightly more dressed-up look, opt for a fitted denim skirt and add a chunky knit sweater and a tailored denim jacket. Finish the look with a pair of heeled boots and a fun scarf.

Warm Yourself Up By Pairing Your Maxi Dress with a Cozy Sweater

Another great way to style a maxi + midi dress for the winter is to pair it with a sweater. This is a great option if you want to add a bit of warmth without sacrificing style. You can experiment with different sweater styles and colors to create a unique look. 

    2. Maxi Skirts and Cardigans

    If you're going for a more laid-back, at-home cozy vibe, consider pairing your favorite maxi skirts with a comfy, oversized cardigan. This look is perfect for cold winter nights spent cuddling up by the fire or brunch with friends.

    Opt for a neutral-toned maxi skirt like black, navy, or brown for a classic look, and pair it with a coordinating cardigan. Stick to fitted cardigans to balance out the fullness of the skirt. Choose colors that complement each other, such as black and gray or navy and white. 

    To add a bit of warmth, layer a long-sleeved turtleneck underneath the cardigan. A pair of ankle booties will help keep you warm and add an additional layer of modesty. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat, scarf, and gloves for extra coverage.

    3. Fluffy Sweaters Pair Great with Maxi and Midi Skirts

    When the weather turns chilly, you cannot go wrong with a warm, fluffy sweater. Not only will it keep you toasty, but it can also be paired with your favorite Inherit Designed skirt to create a chic look. 

    For a modest winter outfit, pair a chunky knit sweater with a maxi skirt for a classic, timeless look. Choose a mid-length, neutral-colored sweater in ivory, beige, or light gray. Balance the maxi skirt with a pair of heeled booties and a statement belt.

    For a modern take on the classic outfit, pair a stylish sweater with a midi skirt. The sweater should be a bold color such as burgundy, mustard yellow, or navy, and the midi skirt should be a neutral shade such as black, camel, or navy. Finish the look with a pair of heeled ankle boots and a coordinating scarf.

    4. Dresses Paired with Leggings Help Keep You Warm All Season

    Inherit Designed dresses are another excellent option for those looking to create a stunning winter outfit, and when paired with a pair of leggings, they can make a beautiful modest winter look. Dresses for winter can be a thicker material, like a sweater dress, or a loose ribbed dress that look so cute with tall boots.

    For colder days, opt for thicker leggings made of wool, fleece, or other materials that keep you warm. A cardigan or sweater layered over the dress will also provide additional warmth and a stylish modest look. Add a pair of knee-high boots or a pair of ankle boots with a pair of socks to complete the look. Accessorize with a scarf, gloves, and a hat to keep you cozy and warm. Add a wool coat or a parka over the outfit for a polished look.

    Dress for the Season with Help From Inherit

    Dressing modestly doesn't mean you have to go without style or comfort. Inherit offers a wide range of women's modest clothing and accessories so that you can find the perfect outfit for any occasion! We design our own clothes and love to bring you high-quality denim, fun athletic dresses, and so much more modest apparel that is simply not readily available.

    Shop our Cozy and Event Collections today!

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