We’re the place to come for your autumn layering essentials!

We’re the place to come for your autumn layering essentials!

Any change to the seasons can cause a bit of  panic when it comes to maintaining a wardrobe that you love.

After all, it feels like we just got in new summer styles, and we’re not sure we are ready to part with them. But, here in Minnesota we know all too well how finicky fall weather can be  those chilly mornings could turn into what feels like a summer day mid-afternoon making it so much harder to know what to wear. Don’t worry, though! The chilly mornings are the perfect reason to pull out those cozy cardigans and get creative with layering.

Which items of ours do you just have to try this fall?

Well, obviously, we couldn’t possibly choose between them – we love them all equally! But we couldn’t claim to be the best boutique for modest fashion if we didn’t also give you some ideas and share some of our favorite fall looks that we are loving right now! 

It’s definitely an oldie, but a goodie -- and in modest fashion it doesn’t come much more classic than the cardigan. The cardigan isn’t just an effortlessly comfortable style, it’s also so versatile! A simple cardigan can be enough to carry your favorite summer dress into the fall season.

Why not take a look at our simple + classic Pocket Front Ribbed Cardigan, for example, which combines long sleeves with two front pockets, stretchy fabric and a lightweight feel? The slightly longer and flattering back hem makes this cardigan the ideal match for your favorite skirt all year long! 

Ribbed Pocket Cardigan Ribbed Pocket Cardigan

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Ribbed Pocket Cardigan

Another one of our favorite new layering pieces is without a doubt,our Classic Snap Button Cardigan. With its fitted silhouette and beautiful buttons accenting the wrist and front, it’s the perfect garment to pair with a gorgeous skirt, blouse, tee or dress.

Classic Snap Button Cardigan VNeck Pocket Tee - Inherit

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Classic Snap Button Cardigan
V-Neck Pocket Tee

You’ll find plenty of elegant seasonal pieces in our store

Fall definitely isn’t a time to resign yourself to boring styles, no matter what anyone tells you. Nor do you even necessarily need to make drastic changes to the summer styles you’ve grown to love. Instead, discover a whole world of fall favorites + autumn hues when you choose what we humbly consider to be the best boutique for modest fashion – Inherit, of course! ;)

Raw Hem Jean Jacket Inherit- Autumn Layering Raw Hem Jean Jacket Inherit- Autumn Layering

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Raw Hem Denim Jean Jacket

From the timelessness of our V-Neck Pocket Tee to the modern twist on a classic found in the Raw Hem Denim Jean Jacket, the cozy-looking Lightweight Crochet Knit Sweater and so much more, we’ve g_lot it all when you’re looking to stock up your fall wardrobe. 

Lightweight Crochet Knit Sweater Lightweight Crochet Knit Sweater

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Lightweight Crochet Knit Sweater

As the leaves start to change and a chill fills the air , when you shop at Inherit – whether online or at our Morris, Minnesota store – we’ll be here to keep you modestly dressed, feeling beautiful and true to you no matter the season.

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Hello Tiffany! Thank you for the blog suggestion! Right now we only have one tall pair of boots but we sure love the booties and close toed shoes that have come in this fall! I’ll share a link to our shoes and accessories here: https://www.inheritco.com/collections/shoes-accessories

Thanks again for the suggestion!

Inherit Co.

For a blog suggestion, please help us with choosing comfortable and feminine shoes to wear with skirts and dresses for the cold months. Are there any other cute ideas besides tall boots?


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