Elevate Your Colored Denim Skirt Wardrobe: Customer Cindy Shares Her Closet!

Elevate Your Colored Denim Skirt Wardrobe: Customer Cindy Shares Her Closet!

Ready to transform your wardrobe with pieces that effortlessly blend versatility and modest skirt style? Look no further than our Remi Midi Skirts and Stella Maxi Skirt—a dynamic duo that's catching eyes for all the right reasons with your friends. The Remi, Inherit’s best seller, has had so many color ways through the last 6 years, making it more irresistible than ever. Meanwhile, its sister, the Stella Maxi Skirt, adds a touch of elegance and flow to your collection with it’s 39” length. Let's explore why these skirts are a must-have and discover endless styling possibilities.

Remi skirts

Elevated Casual with a T-Shirt

For a laid-back, easygoing look, pair your chosen Colored Denim Skirt with a casual T-shirt. Whether you opt for a contrasting color or a matching hue, the possibilities are endless. We adore finishing off the look with classic white sneakers for that perfectly styled look. Our Customer Cindy said; For me the Remi is a very comfortable and flattering skirt. The fabric is soft and sits very comfortably at the waist. I love the color options. Inherit always does such a great job with the color selections. I’m always so excited to see what the newest colors will be. My first Remi purchase was the Cobalt Blue in April 2020. I still have this one in my closet and it’s still one of my favorites.”

Remi skirt

Belted Chic: Elevate Your Style with Belts & Sweaters 

When you're aiming for sophistication, make your Remi Denim Midi Skirt stand out by pairing it with a belt. Select a color from your top that complements your skirt, and add an extra layer of elegance by incorporating an on-trend belt. For an easy and effortless look, throw on a solid sweater, ensuring both comfort and style. Complete the ensemble with boots and a cozy cardigan event for the perfect fall-ready, modest outfit.

Cozy Up Your Skirt Game: Fun Layers for Midi and Maxi Skirts!

Who says modest can't be trendy and fun? Dive into the joy of layering with your Remi Denim Midi Skirt and Stella Maxi Skirt, making a stylish statement like never before! Grab some new-season knitwear, from snuggly soft sweaters to funky cable-knit cardigans and oversized sweatshirts. Mix up those patterns and textures; no rules when it comes to your preference! Cindys suggestion was I would so love to have a dark chocolate brown Remi with no hints of olive/green. I feel like this color is missing from my collection.” Don't be shy—play around with color to shake off those dull days, but remember neutrals are always your go-to best friend.  Now, for a double dose of awesomeness, these tips work for both the Remi Denim Midi Skirt and the effortlessly elegant Stella Maxi Skirt. Mix, match, and let your unique look shine through because finding on-trend modest skirts should be as fun as wearing them! Get ready to oufit your modest fashion closet, one colored skirt at a time! 

Remi Skirt

Shacket Showdown: Fun and Fabulous Tips for Colored Denim, Plaids, and Patterns! 

Say hello to laid back layers with a burst of style and a dash of playfulness! Colored denim is about to meet its perfect match in plaid and patterns. The shacket, your layering superhero, is set to shine alongside your Remi + Stella Skirts, creating an effortlessly casual vibe. Elevate your look by tucking your top into the skirt for a flattering silhouette, and then throw on that shacket. Don't shy away from mixing patterns; experiment with different prints like stripes, florals, or plaids to keep it fun and vibrant. Fashion is your playground—time to have some fun!

Cindy’s laundering tip: I see a lot of comments in the insider group about the bottom hem rolling up when washed. I think it’s crucial to give the skirt a good hard shake as soon as you take it out of the washer. I give a good hard shake and then hang (from the waist) to dry. I always ‘finish’ it in the dryer. It ‘tightens’ the skirt back up and helps give a smooth neat look. Once it’s dry or almost dry from hanging, I put it in the dryer on the lowest setting for 10 -15 minutes. When I take it out of the dryer, I again give it the good hard shake. I like to fold it for a bit, smoothing everything out and then hang it in my closet. This works great for me, and I have no issues with the hem curling up.”

Stella skirt

Celebrating Every Shape and Season with Our Modest Midi and Maxi Skirts

These modest women’s midi and maxi skirts are designed with inclusivity in mind, ranging from sizes 2 to 24. We believe that fashion should be accessible and our commitment to size inclusivity ensures that most everyone can embrace their unique style. These skirts are crafted to fit and make you feel good. Additionally, we understand that life brings different seasons, and that's why we've expanded our line to include adorable little girl skirts and a maternity collection. From the early stages of motherhood to the playful days of childhood, our modest denim skirts are tailored to women through every chapter of their lives. With a blend of comfort, style, and modesty, our midi and maxi skirts become versatile staples that effortlessly adapt to the changing seasons of life, and Cindy agrees; “The number one thing I love about the Remi is just simply how it looks. I prefer a skirt/top outfit over dresses. I LOVE and am always drawn to a well put together skirt outfit and I think that the Remi has such a nice well-groomed look to it. This quality however would be kind of moot without the comfort factor! You can make pretty much any kind of outfit you want with it. Dress it up in heels or dress it down with sneakers or flip flops; the outfit possibilities are endless.”

Duo That Defines Your Style

Whether you choose the Remi Midi Skirt for its everyday allure or the Stella Maxi Skirt for its elegance and flow, you're investing in pieces that stand the test of time. Mix and match, experiment with styles, and let your unique personality shine through. Elevate your style effortlessly with this dynamic duo.

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