Behind-the-scenes fashion shoot at TSO!

Behind-the-scenes fashion shoot at TSO!

Behind the scenes at The Skirt Outlet fashion photo shoot!  It's all in the team! Not such a secret, huh?!

First things first...our photo shoot days are some of our favorites! Preparing for a photo shoot starts long before the clothing is even dreamt of, really. It starts with who we are, why we are creating and finding these pieces for you and how we can show YOU that they are threaded with purpose.

Fashion soot outfits -Inheritco

It all begins when the design and buying process starts... (stay tuned for that future blog post!). This helps with the curating of seasonal collections and outfits. The design team carefully finds fabrics, colors and patterns that are classic, in season and timeless. At this point we start drawing inspiration to help determine the tone, feel and location for our photo shoots! Ok, that and the temperamental Minnesota weather. 

Our team is made up of creatives, mothers, cat lovers, designers, coffee enthusiasts, sisters, agriculture majors, friends, foodies and photographers! Real people who want to share the joy of modesty. Being altogether beautiful, in every way. Our amazing models work around their mommin' schedules, jobs and school to be here with us. How amazing is that?

Inheritco photo shoot

 With a photoshoot every two weeks, booking our models and staying on top of schedules requires some amazing time management.  Our teams pull together to get the look and tone for that particular photoshoot. Everything from how the hair will look with an outfit, hand placement, and even down to the motion in the skirt.

Oh, and did we mention with our move to downtown, we will have our own photo studio?  YAY!  We actually started using it a few weeks ago as we just couldn't wait to get in there! It's been a great change of pace and we love the inviting atmosphere it brings!

photoshoot atmosphere -Inheritco

 It is so important to us that y'all have honest, high quality photos of our clothing when shopping online. Not only does this give you the best possible representation of the item {length, color, the REAL}, it gives us the chance to serve you in a subtle but powerful way!  We are constantly trying to better ourselves and learn new ways to do just that. Our new photo studio and downtown location gives us so much potential!

Behind the scenes -Inheritco

What is the take home that we have learned through our photo shoots? It is all in the details. From steamers to leaf blowers (or a cardboard box top when you don't have a battery for your leaf blower) and belts to scarves, making sure things are just so, is a craft all in itself. An eye for detail is such a gift, and we have so many gifted team members!  This also equates to real life.  Every single thing you do, no matter how small, matters!  Fashion shoot details -Inheritco

I feel it warrants a blog post entirely dedicated to it! However, I'll just let the photos below shine and speak for themselves. ;)

Fashion shoot props  

Without ever compromising who we are and what we believe, we are committed to being inclusive. By inviting more women, from more walks of life into our community, we can bring more joy and absolute beauty to the journey.

fashion shoot team -Inheritco

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With all the fun your new location brings, please keep the outdoor pictures too. They’re a little more real. And what about posed “real life” pictures? You know, how we really live?? doin’ laundry/holdin’ kids/cookin’ great food/lovin’ our families . . . [insert great big smiley wink here!]


Wow what a great post with some really fun interesting behind the scenes information and photos. Xoxo

Kalsey knecht

I love this website! I appreciate the beautiful, modest styles. I’d love to see more ankle length/maxi-style length skirts and dresses for short ladies. I’m 5’ 1" and between an 8 and 10 in size. I love long skirts, but the long ones you sell are for tall ladies. I don’t prefer the knee length as it makes me look shorter, in my opinion. Truly thankful for the strides y’all are making in the modest clothing industry! I really enjoy the blog posts, too, as it brings more depth to what your company stands for and is doing. Way to go!!!


I am very grateful I found your site and appreciate all you do to provide modest and stylish skirts for your customers.

Us modest dressers are influencing the rest of world to see that a women’s inner beauty shines through her face when she dresses beautifully and modestly.

Rayna Alpert

Very cool post! Super fun to read about and see pics from the “behind the scenes” of your shoots!


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