The denim skirt

The denim skirt

The denim skirt: that time-honored favorite we’re always doing new things with!

If there’s one fashion essential that really has long staked its claim as timeless, it is denim. When worn for the purposes of style, denim may seem a very 20th-century phenomenon. However, its status as a symbol of purposeful individuality has enabled this textile to maintain its relevance well into the 21st-century – and of course, we’re all about purposeful individuality here at Inherit!

The denim skirt may be just one of the many noted applications of this versatile material, but it is also one that has long exhibited many of denim’s finest qualities, ranging from its ageless beauty to its ease of maintenance and remarkable sartorial versatility.

So, what are just some of the examples that can presently be found across the Inherit range, of denim’s continued appeal when used in a skirt?

Are you in the market for a denim midi skirt?

If so, we have more than a few excellent pieces to catch your eye at Inherit right now. These include the Bryn Midi Denim Skirt that was designed by our own team, and which combines a flattering straight fit with a dark wash and contrasting triple stitching along the waist, hem and pockets.

Or why not allow yourself to be charmed by the Inherit-exclusive Remi Light Denim Midi Skirt? This light denim midi skirt offers both flair and practicality in a way that shows the venerable textile at its contemporary best, the flat pocket and button helping to make it a great choice for both casual and dressy settings. Also, while there’s no back slit, you’ll still be able to walk in it unconstrained.

Bryn Midi Denim Skirt Remi Light Denim Midi Skirt

Shop these looks:
Bryn Midi Denim Skirt
Remi Light Denim Midi Skirt

But we’re very adept at lengthier styles, too

Alternatively, if your idea of classy denim modesty is a somewhat longer skirt than these, we provide plenty of options for satisfying this taste, too. We’ve created a universal classic in the Bria Long Denim Skirt, for example, while the likes of the Cheyenne Long Denim Skirt and Stella Navy Long Denim Skirt show different sides of our brand’s sense of fun.

Or if it’s a lighter wash and slightly less expected detailing that you yearn for in your next long denim skirt, why look further than the Hailee? Again, there’s no slit in this one, which helps to maintain just the right vibe, although it still provides ample room to walk. It’s the gorgeous lace detail, though, that is surely the show-stopper, complemented by the delicate neural topstitching on the back pocket.

Shop these looks:
Bria Long Denim SkirtCheyenne Long Denim Skirt
Stella Navy Long Denim SkirtHailee

The denim skirt, then: a deservingly enduring wardrobe staple that is continuing to uncover new style territory, even as 2020 nears. Why, then, hesitate to make it central to your own look in the New Year, whether you shop with us online or in our Morris, Minnesota brick-and-mortar store?

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