Company is Coming | Free Thanksgiving Menu + Place Card Download

Company is Coming | Free Thanksgiving Menu + Place Card Download

It may be early in November, but we've got the holidays on our mind! How about you?

We don’t want to rush through Thanksgiving and jump into Christmas (because we L O V E Christmas!) So here is a free gift for you as we are just oh-so grateful you are on this Inherit journey with us! We hope this menu + place card download helps you prepare your tablescape for Thanksgiving and allows your guests to feel as special as you are to us! Shop this look:

Long Sleeve Buttery Soft Maxi Dress, Open Knit Hooded Vest, Mauve Hi Lo Belted Maxi Dress, Mule Bootie with Block Heel

It might not be a surprise, but we love pretty things.

This season we are loving the soft muted colors, timeless designs + simple decorating styles. However what we love most about Thanksgiving is just being together. This FREE Thanksgiving menu + matching place cards are designed for you to simply download + print off! You can then personalize your menu with your favorite pen or pencil and beautifully write your guests names on their very own place card. They are going to feel so loved! 

The best part about this free Thanksgiving Menu + Place Card download?

It is timeless + versatile enough to use for Christmas, Easter and any other occasion where you want to add a bit of personality + pizzaz to your hosting adventures! We hope you enjoy this free download and it makes your Thanksgiving dinner a bit more special!

For more home decor inspiration and our full selection of Home + Lifestyle visit us online or at our brick + mortar location in Morris, MN. 

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Hello Connie! We thought they would be pretty fun too! Glad you agree!!

Inherit Co.

Oh Val, we are so happy to hear how excited you are about using these for your table this Thanksgiving! It’s lil’ messages like this and loving words from you that keep us keepin’ on!! <3

Inherit Co.
This will be so fun to use this year!
It’s the little encouraging things y’all do that set you apart! My table last Christmas was inspired by y’all and now this Lil’ gift will give or table simple elegance. You gals are something I thank God for!

Shannon! We thought it was pretty fun too! Thanks for the sweet comment!

Inherit Co.

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