What are Some Simple Fashion Tips for Everyday?

What are Some Simple Fashion Tips for Everyday?

Did you know that with a few simple fashion tips and hacks, you can drastically improve your overall appearance? 

Especially with modest fashion, you can achieve various beautiful and elegant looks by combining your trendy modest clothing with our fashion tips for everyday lifestyle.

1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

    A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing pieces you can mix and match for a variety of occasions.  Building a capsule wardrobe is perfect if you don’t want to have excessive items of clothing in your closet. For instance, if you own at least one denim skirt, you can pair it with any style of blouse for almost any occasion. 

    2. Do Not Compromise on Comfort

      Donning uncomfortable clothing can not only tamper with your overall appearance but also your confidence. Studies show that if you’re comfortable with what you are wearing, you’re more likely to be in a great mood all day. Choosing comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style – you can have  both! 

      3. Your Style Should be Something You Resonate With  

        I know we said never to compromise on comfort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress stylishly. For the most comfort, your personal style should reflect your personality – you shouldn’t wear clothing that portrays you to be who you don’t want to be. 

        For instance, if you have conservative beliefs, trendy modest clothing might be your go-to fashion style and anything outside of that may make you feel uncomfortable. 

        4. Choose Quality Over Quantity 

          We know large discounts or BOGOF (Buy One, Get One Free) deals can be hard to overlook sometimes while shopping, but most of the time, splurging for those reasons may leave you with a wardrobe full of poor-quality clothing items that will wear out in a few years or even months! 

          5. You Can Never Go Wrong with Accessorizing 

            When you feel like your outfit just needs something more, adding simple accessories to your outfits such  as a belt, a purse, or a tote can make all the difference in your overall appearance. For example, letting a oversized top hang loose over a straight fit midi skirt might look kinda awkward, but accessorizing with a belt just takes it up a notch!

            6. Tailoring is Necessary 

              If you want to look elegant and stylish in your style, wearing clothes that fit great cannot be ignored. When we talk about perfectly fitting clothes, we don’t mean clothing that feels tight and prevents you from breathing properly, what we refer to are clothing pieces that sit well against your body shape and allow you to breathe and move as you should. Remember, uncomfortable clothes won’t put you in the best of moods.

              7. Always Greet People with a Smile 

                There is more to a smile than showing off your beautiful dentition. While there are many benefits of smiling, is one of the greatest things you can wear and share. When you smile, you send out a personable and friendly look that people feel drawn to.  

                So, when we tell you to always wear a smile, don’t roll your eyes and think of it as a cliché statement –  know that it is the easiest of fashion hacks! ;) 

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                I have a relatively small closet in my dorm room which hinders me from having a lot of clothes. What are some must haves you recommend so I can mix and match my clothes to make it appear I have a lot more clothes than I do while still looking stylish?

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