Summer Swimwear

Summer Swimwear

FINALLY!   Modest swimwear that will make you feel oh-so confidently covered this summer!

This time of year it can seem nearly impossible to avoid all of the invites for a day at the lake, pool or beach ;-) - and of course, why would you want to miss out on a single one!?  That’s why we’re SO excited to bring you our modest swimwear line that allows YOU to be totally true to Y-O-U and confidently covered this summer!

Check out some of our beautiful summer swimwear available on our online boutique and also in our brick-and-mortar stores right now!

Swim + Sport and Skirt Blue Floral Swim Top

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Swim + Sport Skirt BlueFloral Swim Top

Swim Tops that you will always be comfortable in!

We believe that the right modest swim top should give you comfort, confidence + style both IN and OUT of the water!  One swim top that will do just that is our classic Camilla Swim Top! This beauty sports just the right combination of a beautiful print, lightweight design and quick dry fabric.  You won’t be able to tell at first glance, but the Camilla swim top is also adjustable on the sides, giving you the extra length if you need!  

Camilla Swim Top and Swim + Sport Skirt Blue

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Camilla Swim TopSwim + Sport Skirt Blue

Many of these same amazing qualities are also in the Sadie swim top, as well as the timeless Audrey swim top, with it’s classic black and white polka dot print!  

Sadie Swim Top  Audrey Swim Top Swim + Sport Skirt

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Sadie Swim TopAudrey Swim TopSwim + Sport Skirt

Possibly the best thing about all of our modest swimwear is the ability to enjoy your time with friends and family feeling confidently covered no matter the activity!  We are so excited to share with you these swimwear tops exclusively designed at Inherit with you in mind! 

But don’t overlook our beautiful swim skirts too!

There is, however, another crucial piece of your modest swimwear for this summer that we can’t forget, the bottoms!  Don’t fret, we have you covered...literally ;-). We have a super versatile Swim and Sport Skirt Black that is as fun to walk, and bike in as it is to swim in the water with!  We also have the Swim and Sport Skirt Blue, to compliment our gorgeous floral swim tops!  Grab both colors and you can live in them all summer long no matter if your activity is on land or in water!       

Both of our swim skirts are made with water-wicking technology to keep you comfortable ALL DAY LONG!  The quick drying material allows you to go from water to land and dry in no time!  

Just another detail that has practicality and functionality to maximize the use of your swim skirt!    

Audrey Swim Top Swim + Sport Skirt

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Audrey Swim TopSwim + Sport Skirt

The next time you are in search for that perfect modest swimsuit or outdoor activewear, be sure to check out our swim collection at Inherit Clothing Company!  We really don’t think there is a better place to find truly beautiful clothing for the pool, beach or summer outdoor activity, but then again, we may be a little biased!  ;-)

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