How to Measure Your Skirt For The Best Fit!

How to Measure Your Skirt For The Best Fit!

How do I find a perfect fit?!

Hey ya'll! It is so important to us that you find modest skirts and dresses that fit you! So many brands, fabric, sizes, styles to choose from...we feel ya! Just like no two people are the same, one size does not fit all!  

Tailoring a skirt

Why does each item have a size chart?!

 We carry both namesake label pieces [that we design here at Inherit Clothing Company, Formerly The Skirt Outlet] and styles designed by partner brands that we feel have great quality and similar style to us. Referencing the items size chart will be your ticket to ensure a great fit! Lori, our super kind, patient and diligent inventory specialist measures and cares for all our garments to give you the best. possible. fit. Yay!

Our Tailors finding the best fit

 Want to know how to measure yourself to order a skirt from Inherit Clothing Company?!  Here are some pro tips from Lori!

"Hi ladies!  My suggestion would be to measure one of your favorite skirts of similar style and compare it to the size chart on the listing for the skirts you are interested in.  The size chart on the listing is actual garment measurements.  Lay your favorite modest skirt out flat, measure the waistband and multiply by two.  The hips are measured eight inches down from the top of the skirt.  Take that measurement and multiply it by two as well.  Now compare your numbers to those in the size chart. Most people don't realize that size tag can differentiate  so much between brands and styles. It is always best to follow the size chart and not the size tag associated with any modest dress, top or skirt!"

Finding the best fit - Inheritco

Get the inside scoop!

We also publish every review we get. Yep. Even the not so flattering ones. The true grit in how their item fit. It gives us a chance to help educate you for optimal ordering with the customer responses.  A second, third, fourth, fifteenth opinion if you will!  :-)  We also LOVE the review responses from YOU, the customer, to help us with future designs.  Go ahead... take a peek at product reviews to see feedback on fit + style, we would also love if you would leave a review on any purchases you have made!

How to find the fit - Inheritco

Read a bit about our models height and size!

Another great way to get more information on the products is to view our models heights and the correlating sizes they are wearing in the item description! We list a couple stats from the models that help you find a great length and fit based off their measurements! Their height is a great indicator to where a skirt or dress will fall on you! 

Best fit - Inheritco

Shop the look: Tessa Midi Dress // Mustard Criss Cross Flats // Luxe Clutch 

Take a look at our Tessa Dress below! This dress comes in two lengths and ONE beautiful style! Whether you are 5'7" and looking for a midi or 5'11" and want that perfect maxi...we will help you find a fit that works with you! 

Best fit inherticto

Shop the look: Tessa Maxi Dress // Easy Everyday Sandals 


Come try it on!

The very best way to ensure a good fit...TRY IT ON!  Come visit us!! Please?! We would love to see you here at Inherit! We currently are downtown Morris, Minnesota and open Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We love our town and the little coffee shops, yummy cafes and amazing community that make our Minnesota home!

Best fit - Inheritco

Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Love + Blessings!

- The Inherit Team

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Shannon, we so agree! This is a great way to ensure a great fit for a similar skirt! We are all made so different and online shopping can be tough! We try to take out as much guesswork as we can and make it easy peasy! :)
Inherit Co.

Tisha! Thank you for the great feedback! We have some great things in the works for both of your suggestions!! :) Stay tuned!

Inherit Co.
Could you have some corduroy skirts next fall? Soft navy, rose brown, grey blue, slate, cranberry, rasberry and longer in length. Also, please carry more size 2 for us stick people.


We have loved the items we have purchased from Inherit, and have told a lot of people about this company. One thing that would be marvelous would be if all the skirts were lined, other than that, everything has been great.

What a great idea to measure a skirt that you love at home before comparing to size charts! Definitely a helpful tip!

Shannon F.

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