Quintessential modest swimwear

Quintessential modest swimwear

Grace the pool with our
quintessential modest swimwear

Let’s face it – this summer has already presented enough bumps-in-the-road for many of us, without any of the sartorial kind adding to the headache! And there’s no doubt about it – the search for swimwear that flatters while still keeping you confidently covered can be a difficult one.

Here at Inherit, we totally get it. Who wants to feel self-conscious about how they look in the pool, when they’d much prefer to be enjoying their time in the sun or challenging themselves to new personal bests? That’s why we’ve taken so much time to assemble a collection of modest swimwear that is threaded with purpose and the quality that you love!  

Our swim tops are modern classics 

There’s hardly a more important starting point for any modest swimwear ensemble than the top, and the Inherit store has two in stock that strike just the right note – as you’d expect, given that they have both been exclusively designed by here at Inherit.  

Whether you opt for the timelessly artistic Sadie or the fun and playful Camilla, you’ll be getting a beautiful swim top that leaves you feeling utterly confident and purposeful – a top, in other words, that frees you up to enjoy the pool, instead of leaving you worrying about your confidence and coverage. The Camilla is also a maternity friendly swim tank as it has great length and side ties to adjust as well! 

Camilla Swim Top Sadie Swim Top

Shop these looks: Camilla Swim Top, Sadie Swim Top

And the right swim skirt could
perfectly complete the look 

One of the great things about modest swimwear from Inherit is that you can count on it to fulfil all of the key modesty and practical needs you will have from swim clothing, while still being elegant. That can certainly be said of our swim tops, and the same applies to our sport and swim skirts! Yep, they go from land to sea! ;)

As the term ‘sport and swim skirt’ implies, these items in our range are designed to work well as swim bottoms and for such other exercise pursuits as running, walking, hiking and biking – or you could just use yours to skip around in, if you like! We don’t mind! 

Regardless, the key thing is that these are truly dual purpose activewear skirts, incorporating water wicking technology while also being absolutely comfortable to wear. Oh, and they also just happen to be exclusive to Inherit. 

So, as with our swim tops, you can be sure that they will be well-made and cover you in all of the right ways, whether you opt for the Swim and Sport Skirt Black or Swim and Sport Skirt Blue

Swim and sport modest swimwear skirt navy Swim and sport modest swimwear skirt navy
Swim and sport modest swimwear skirt black Swim and sport modest swimwear skirt black

Shop these skirts: Swim and Sport Skirt Black, Swim and Sport Skirt Blue

So, what are you waiting for? 

With summer here and conditions improving, more and more of us understandably are eager to make the most of them to take our minds away from an anxious spring, we reckon now’s the time to treat yourself to a little something from the Inherit modest swimwear collection, while stocks remain. 

And remember that you don’t need to leave the house to grab it, either. All four of these swimwear essentials are available today from the Inherit online store, and can be shipped to you for free in the United States when you place an order of $100 or more! 

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