Our Summer Sizzle Sale

Our Summer Sizzle Sale

Feel like the real you, wherever your summer takes you! 

Whether you are staying  indoors, or braving the open air, summer is finally beginning to resemble what we always hoped it would be, warm + sunny!  Here at Inherit, we can understand you feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the options before you, what to choose!? 

As the summer sun shines, we are of course gearing up for a season change that will happen sooner than later which is certainly apparent across our latest summer sale items, too! The sales are AMAZING!

Have you discovered our Summer Sizzle Sale yet? 

Here at Inherit we believe that you don’t need to show the world an unexpected or surprising style to feel absolutely and confidently you. Indeed, the true situation is more the other way round. By taking to stylish and modest clothing that is in keeping with what you stand for, you’re sure to feel confident in yourself and keep shining in all you do, just like the summer sun! 

We certainly have no shortage of comfy and curated  clothing in our Summer Sizzle Sale at the moment, including the both maxi and midi versions of our Gardenia Stripe Skirt with its bursting colors and a lightweight, butter soft stretch material. It’s an Inherit original that is as breezy as it is easy  to  wear around town or for a backyard afternoon lunch. 

Maxi Gardenia Stripe Skirt Midi Gardenia Stripe Skirt

Shop these looks: Maxi Gardenia Stripe Skirt, Midi Gardenia Stripe Skirt

Or, talking of giving you choices for your summer modest wear, what about the Randi Long Denim Skirt in its light wash and dark wash color? Whichever one you opt for, with its same color stitching to the classic, flat back pockets, it’s a staple that will work just fine in all manner of summer settings, and go with almost anything. 

Randi light wash long denim skirt Randi dark wash long denim skirt

Shop these looks: Randi light wash long denim skirt, Randi dark wash long denim skirt

Oh, and never forget our modest  swimwear 

Now, swimwear might seem a tricky one if you’re really prioritizing modest wear this season. Well, here at  Inherit we have some options that make it  effortless, with a range of modest swimsuits online that is exclusive to our brand. 

With options here including the playful and lightweight Sadie swim top, the chic Camilla swim top and both blue and black Swim and Sport Skirts, when you wear  any of these swimwear essentials, you’ll feel beautiful, but not self-conscious. 

Blue Swim and Sport Skirt Black Swim and Sport Skirt

Shop these looks: Blue Swim and Sport Skirt,  Black Swim and Sport Skirt

And thanks to such touches as quick dry fabric and water wicking technology, these swimsuits will serve you as well in the water as they will if you simply stick to running after  kids  poolside. 

Yes, summer is firmly “go” as far as we’re concerned here at Inherit. So, why not help to make your own July and August as vibrant as the sun in the sky, by picking out your favorites in our Summer Sizzle Sale while our limited stocks last?   

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