Our Favorite Fresh Cut Spring Flowers!

Our Favorite Fresh Cut Spring Flowers!

Bring joy to your counter tops + tables with flowers cut straight from your garden or local florist!   

 We absolutely love Peonies, and since they bloom for such a short time towards the end of spring, we thought why not share these joyful, fragrant +  feminine flowers with you!

Arrange in a vase for your table or wrap up to deliver a gift! 

The smell of peonies and eucalyptus (found at our local flower shop or in our yards!) that fill the kitchen is such a sweet gift from God. These gorgeous pom-pom like flowers mixed with the classic eucalyptus leaves looks just as beautiful as it smells! Share the gift of flowers with a neighbor or friend + check out our 'How to Wrap your Mother's Day Flowers in Craft Paper'. Your DIY bouquet will be a bright spot in your recipients day + yours!

No green thumb - we get it!

Some of us have the gift of time, space and love for cutting, arranging and displaying flowers to give as gifts. Some of us, not so much! Ha! We got you...we have a full collection of gifts for your home + lifestyle. We even added a gift wrap option in store or online, just choose that option for an additional $5.95!  


Beyond the beauty. 

Whether you’re safe at home, social distancing, or just want to send a little sunshine to a loved one, flowers are a great place to start! They provide a beauty and calm amongst this chaotic world and remind us to be anxious for nothing. 
Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.   
Luke 12:27 KJV

Keep it simple + support local when you can! 

Local florists or your farmer's market are ready to help you spread cheer in these current times and always and if you have a green thumb, share flowers from your yard!  It will surely brighten up your neighbors day and even your own living space. No matter the reason, one thing’s for sure–flowers make people smile!  
Do you have a cut garden, favorite florist or flower?  We would love to hear from you + have you share with us in the comments!!





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