12 Modest Swimwear Must-Haves for Pool Season

12 Modest Swimwear Must-Haves for Pool Season

Pool season may seem far away, but the months are moving fast. Before you know it, the sun will be beating down, and you’ll be taking a dip in the nearest pool. That’s why, to give us something to look forward to, we’re already planning our modest swimwear. If you swim at the gym every week then – bonus – you can start wearing these swim essentials now.

Here's what you need...

1. First Up, Modest Swimwear

Camilla Swim TopSwim and Sport Skirt

Shop these essentials: Camilla Swim Top, Swim and Sport Skirt

Let’s pin down the basics first. If you’re looking for modern, modest swimwear, the Camilla Swim Top is a must-have. The blue patterned design means it goes with everything. Cinch side details allow you to adjust the length to suit your style, while the quick-dry fabric means you won’t be shivering pool-side between dips.

Pair it with a swim skirt to complete your modest look. We love the navy blue Swim and Sport Skirt, which has leggings attached at the waist for maximum comfort. The true blue hue pairs perfectly with the aqua pattern of your top, and the versatile shape means you can wear it for any kind of sport – from running to tennis. The dream.

2. Add Swim-Ready Sandals

Blush Frost Crossed SandalsGray Top Buckle Slide Sandals

Shop these essentials: Blush Frost Crossed Sandals, Gray Top Buckle Slide Sandals

Swap espadrilles and woven shoes for quick-dry PVC sandals. You need slip-ons that resist chlorine and add a touch of summery color to your pool-ready look. The Blush Frost Crossed Sandals are made for the beach and all your hot weather adventures. For a more neutral tone, try the Gray Top Buckle Slide Sandals. They work with every outfit.

3. Throw On a Casual Dress

Dusty Blue Striped Knit Midi DressBurgundy + Taupe Striped Midi Dress

Shop these essentials: Dusty Blue Striped Knit Midi Dress, Burgundy + Taupe Striped Midi Dress

Whether you’re heading to the local pool or the beach, a quick-change outfit is a must. That’s why a casual dress you can throw off and on is vital to every swim collection. Choose a roomy silhouette and comfy fabric for easy, breezy changing. The Dusty Blue Striped Knit Midi Dress and the Burgundy + Taupe Striped Midi Dress are just the right level of casual and chic.

4. Tote Around the Essentials

Diamond + Striped Straw BagSota Girl Cosmetic Pouch

Shop these essentials: Diamond + Striped Straw Bag, Sota Girl Cosmetic Pouch

What you want is a bag in a fabric that won’t get soggy. Try the Diamond + Striped Straw Bag, which has enough room to hold your swimwear, towel and a few extra must-have accessories. It zips up, so you don’t have to worry about everything spilling out. Tuck a small cosmetics bag inside to keep any lotions and shampoos separate from your clothes.

5. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Heal Body Salve JarWater Lily & Aloe Hand Cream Lotion

Shop these essentials: Heal Body Salve Jar, Water Lily & Aloe Hand Cream Lotion

Salt water and chlorine can leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. That’s why you should never go for a swim without a lotion at the ready. Why not toss the Heal Body Salve Jar in your bag for top-to-toe hydration? It deeply nourishes face, lips and body, replenishing the moisture you lost during your swim. If you’re prone to pruning (aren’t we all?), add a hand cream to your swim bag, too. Layer it over the balm for an extra, much-needed moisture boost. 

6. And Look After Your Hair

Microfiber Hair TowelMicrofiber Scrunchie

Shop these essentials: Microfiber Hair Towel, Microfiber Scrunchie

Finally, make sure your hair is looked after post-swim. If there’s a shower nearby, use shampoo and conditioner, then wrap locks up in a Microfiber Hair Towel to dry off while you change. The soft towel soaks up water without ruffling up straight, wavy or curly hair. Whip it off when you’re ready, detangle and tie strands back with a Microfiber Scrunchie. Simple. 

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