Modest Mommin' Style: Embracing Motherhood with Fashion and Fun for Mother's Day

Modest Mommin' Style: Embracing Motherhood with Fashion and Fun for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, the celebration of all things mom is in full swing. What better way to honor the incredible moms in our lives than by embracing both motherhood and modesty with style? We virtually sat down with two fabulous moms to get the inside scoop on their go-to outfit choices for navigating the joys of 'mommin' while staying effortlessly on-trend and modest. From practicality to personality, these moms share their tips and tricks and funny outfit faux pas for combining comfort and fashion as they embark on their everyday adventures in motherhood. So sit back and enjoy our conversation, and we hope it offers you a bit of inspiration.

Meet Samantha, mama to four beautiful babes.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day Samantha, to share some insight into what mommin’ with modesty in mind looks like for you! We gotta know…

Maxi Dresses

  1. ​​What’s your go-to style strategy for staying comfortable yet on-trend while keeping up with the demands of a busy mom on the move?

“Most days, I find myself reaching for flowy dresses. I love to feel feminine, comfortable and put together. In this season with multiple little ones, I gravitate towards midi or maxi length as well as nursing friendly styles. Dresses with longer length and necklines that have a modest cut seem to work the best with little hands frequently tugging at me. I also love dresses that can be worn through multiple seasons by swapping sandals for boots and throwing on a cardigan or denim jacket in the colder months. Cap sleeve dresses are my favorite for layering.”

Ok love how you highlighted versatility in your outfits, we totally agree and that is why we work so hard at making styles to fit all those different seasons of life and weather! 

Smocked Dresses
  1. Life is always throwing us for loops, can you recall a funny or challenging moment when your outfit choice clashed with your mom duties, and how did you handle it?

“Haha YES! Ok, Once while running errands with my four little ones, I wore a dress that was not wind friendly. *IYKYK* Let’s just say, it was pretty gusty outside and quite the challenge walking through the parking lot while holding a baby and pushing a shopping cart. Now I always wear biker shorts under my dresses! haha”

Samantha! This made us laugh because we totally get it! Not only do we love our layering tanks and slips, but we love layering with our biker shorts too for that exact reason! Truth be told, we can barely keep them in stock because as soon as they hit the website they sell out!

  1. Ok final question for you Samantha, we know you’re busy. As a mom who’s constantly on the go, what modest fashion advice do you live by for maintaining practicality without sacrificing style?

“With constantly being on the go, I find that I feel most confident and productive when I feel both pretty and comfortable. I aim for styles that have modest necklines, nursing access and don’t require any special undergarments. (Besides biker shorts, because we know why, lol) Dresses with a smocked bodice are typically my favorite because they’re forgiving and tend to fit well through seasons of pregnancy, postpartum and after. I often choose to wear flat sandals or comfortable boots with dresses to make chasing after little ones easy.”

Such great advice Samantha, thank you for taking time out of your day to chat with us. We definitely understand that the seasons of pregnancy and postpartum shouldn’t have to be a time to have to  sacrifice style, comfort and modesty…we love what you’ve shared with us and can’t wait to see how you inspire those reading this! We hope this mother’s day and EVERY DAY AFTER you feel the love and happiness your babies bring! Thank you! 

Now that we've gained some insights into Samantha’s mommin' with style and modesty, let's dive into the world of a busy boy mama with another inspiring interview. 

Meet Hannah, a devoted mom to a lively little boy, sit back and enjoy our virtual interview as she shares her own unique perspective on balancing motherhood, modesty, and a whole lot of fun.

Hannah, we just love working with you and have loved watching you become a mama, so it’s no surprise we were just elated when you said YES to answering some mommin’ questions for this fun Mother’s Day Inspired Blog post! Ok, let’s go!! 

Easy mom styles

  1. ​​We just love your style and have to know, how do you blend your elevated style with the practicality of chasing after your sweet boy? 

“I would say my go-to style would actually be, to always try to effortlessly blend style & comfort together…whether that’s a fancy top with a more practical skirt & shoes or the other way around. Before my baby, I was always dressed to impress, but now I always try to balance it out depending on the day's activities. No matter what, I always bring an extra pair of shoes along!!”

Girl, running in heels or wedges just isn’t easy, and we love your tip on always bringing an extra pair of shoes along!  

Easy Mom Outfits

  1. Do you have any funny outfit oopsies as a mama?

“Yes, here is a good one…like always, the holiday season came around, and I had my husband bring in my holiday & winter clothes. This was my very first  Christmas being a momma, anyways…

I had this beautiful pearl embellished sweater, it was my absolute favorite sweater I had ever owned, and the entire sweater was embellished, not just the front. Well, he wasn’t quite old enough to hold himself up or anything yet, so the pearl embellished sweater became the biggest burden of the entire evening!  He couldn’t lay against me in any way, and he was constantly trying to pull the pearls off (was successful with one haha) so, I spent the entire evening with a full blanket wrapped and tied around my sweater, so I could be the momma I needed for the rest of the day. Truly a memory I will never forget!!”

We’re impressed he only managed to pull off one! Oh my, I bet that was one of those moments where you were like…how did I not see this happening?!  Hoping you get to wear that pretty sweater now that he is a little older!

Denim Looks

  1. Thanks so much for sharing with us today Hannah, final question is…what modest style advice do you find so important for maintaining practicality while maintaining your style as a mom?

“Honestly this can be a little challenging at times for sure. My boy is 2 1/2 now, and is constantly on the go, running around everywhere, and is a boys boy!!. So with that being said, I try my best to always know what we’re doing for the day before I leave my house, so I can get that outfit just right. I also base that decision on if I will have family there to help chase him around or if it’s just gonna be me and him. I wear the cute outfit, but I usually take an extra pair of shoes, a pair of leggings, and a big claw clip (depending on the activities we have planned) So I can take the outfit from practical, to dinner ready, and I can feel my best while still maintaining the outfits I love when mom duty calls.”

Thank you all for joining us on this journey into the world of modest mommin'! We hope you've found inspiration and practical tips from the incredible moms we've had the pleasure of interviewing. Real moms like Hannah and Samantha remind us that style, modesty, and motherhood can beautifully intertwine, creating a tapestry of love, laughter, and on-trend styles without sacrificing comfort and modesty. As you celebrate Mother's Day  and beyond, remember to cherish the moments, embrace your style, and keep shining your light wherever you go. 

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