How to Transition Your Closet to Fall

How to Transition Your Closet to Fall

Transitioning your fall closet is like preparing for a beautiful transformation of both your style and comfort. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to dip, it's time to bid farewell to the lightweight, summery outfits and embrace the rich, layered textures of autumn. This seasonal shift invites the introduction of cozy sweaters, versatile flannels, and essential outerwear like denim jackets and shackets.

Crewneck Sweatshirt


Fall has arrived! The first piece I would pull out of my closet? A crewneck! The crewneck's snug fit and soft, insulating fabric provide the right amount of warmth without feeling bulky. Moreover, they make for excellent layering pieces, allowing you to adapt to changing temperatures throughout the day. Whether in classic solids or patterns, crewneck sweaters are essential for transitioning your fall closet, ensuring you stay both cozy and chic during this season of change. Pair it with a denim maxi skirt for a comfortable and casual outfit! Looking for another way to style your crewneck? Check out this link on how to match a crewneck with floral dresses!

Short Sleeve Basic Tee

A simple short sleeve tee is a staple for all times of the year, but during the fall, it can be paired with a number of layering essentials. With the simplicity of a white tee, you can add any color combination and texture, and it always just works. It’s also a fan favorite! Layering in the fall with a great jacket, or a cardigan can keep this a great styled everyday look. Here is the short sleeve basic tee paired with a cardigan!


Denim Jacket

A well-fitted denim jacket can be thrown over almost any outfit, adding an instant touch of coolness and sophistication. Whether you're pairing it with a sundress for a breezy daytime look or layering it over a cozy sweater for extra warmth, a denim jacket adapts to your style needs seamlessly. Its rugged yet classic appearance makes it a dependable choice, ensuring you're both fashion-forward and prepared for the unpredictable fall weather. Below is a photo of the Amy Dress paired with a jean jacket!

Flannel + Shacket

Whether you opt for a classic plaid flannel or a trendy shacket, these pieces are not just about fashion; they are a practical necessity for staying comfortable and stylish during the transitional months of fall. Adding them to your wardrobe ensures that you're prepared for the changing weather while maintaining a chic and cozy look. Flannels and shackets look great paired with a denim skirt, and as the temp gets a little cooler outside, you can throw on a pair of leggings underneath as well! Check out the product below here!

We hope this post helped you in learning how to transition your closet from summer to fall! Check out our new Megan Fox Collection which features most of the pieces above!

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