How to Style a Bandana

How to Style a Bandana

Bandanas can be a fun and easy way to style into your hairstyles, modest outfits, and even as an accessory! We are going to look through a few examples and show you how to style your bandana.

The first bandana style we are looking at is a loose braid with a colorful bandana weaved in. This hairstyle creates a sense of bohemian flair while also being versatile. By simply adding a bandana to your braided hairstyles, you change your simple look into a fashion statement. This look is perfect for any activity from a small gathering with family and friends to a day at the beach. Speaking of the beach, we think this is a great look for vacation! Below is the Kate Dress we think would match this hairstyle! (Shop for this dress here)



Looking for a new hairstyle that is fashionable but also easy? Try this! With this hairstyle, the bandana is used to pull your hair back while keeping it loose in the front. This look is ideal for a busy day when you need to throw your hair up quickly but still want to elevate your style.

Now that we’ve seen a couple ways to incorporate a bandana into hairstyles, let’s take a look at how adding a bandana to your outfits can refine your style.



The first look we have here is using your bandana as a type of belt with a denim maxi skirt. Instead of using a regular belt, add a pop of color to your style with a bandana to differentiate your look!

Below are some more more looks where the bandana is tied to the belt loop:




Our last way to style a bandana is using it as an accessory. Grab your favorite bag and tie a bandana to the handle to enhance your style! Pair this with a crewneck sweatshirt and a midi skirt for a more casual look. If you are going for something more dressed up, add this as an accessory (or into the hairstyles above) to a floral midi or maxi dress!


Hopefully you learned a few new ways to style a bandana! Feel free to use any color of your choosing, but if you are interested in the bandana in the photo seen above, check out this product!

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