How to tie a t-shirt, two easy ways!

How to tie a t-shirt, two easy ways!

Style your layering t-shirts with a simple front knot or tie!

It may be no surprise, but here at Inherit, we almost always style our t-shirts tucked in or tied. They seem to look more put-together and flattering, no matter how casual the tee may be! We wanted to share two different methods we use! This always depends on how much fabric there is to work with or your personal preference of course! This really isn't anything new, but it sure is an understated art that totally transforms a t-shirt! Here’s how I do it.

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Tie your t-shirt with a front knot, great if you have extra length in your tee! 

1. Gather all of the t-shirt extra fabric into one hand.  Gathering where you want the knot to be (center, side, etc.)
2. Twist the gathered fabric until it's in a tight rope.
3. Wrap the twisted fabric around two of your fingers, how you would to form a knot.
4. Pull the end of the fabric around your fingers and underneath.  
5.  Then through the hole you’ve made with your two fingers, pull tight. 
6. Voila! You did it! 

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If you do not want a tight knot, or do not have a lot of extra fabric on your tee, use a small rubber hair tie to get a faux knot! Yesss!

1. Gather all of the t-shirt extra fabric into one hand.  Gathering where you want the knot to be (center, side, etc.) 
2. Twist the gathered fabric into a tight rope.
3. Fold the twisted rope in half.
4. Wrap the rubber band twice over the folded rope.
5. Pull and adjust the fabric at the end of the loop you made to hide the rubber band.

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Do you have a new way of tying a t-shirt? Let us know below!

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Thank you Inherit for modest clothing!!! In this day and age finding modest clothing, that is actually flattering, can be so difficult. Which makes Inherit like the best clothing company ever! Plus, I never have to worry when scrolling on their website because I know the models will be dressed well concealing rather than revealing.
Madeleine Timura
I love this! I have been struggling to tye my tshirts and I’m definitely going to try it lol💕
My daughter LOVES Inherit clothes, which makes me so PROUD of her, because of the modesty of Inherit Clothing!! She would be so thrilled if I won a graphic tee to give to her!! Thank you so much for being thd type company you are!!!!
Debbie Miller
I love how you style your clothes, not just these cute t-shirts. We need more companies like y’all spreading modesty. ❤ Thank you!
Kaci Anderson
Cute I love the gratitude tee
Kayla Ashby

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