How to Build a Charcuterie Board Like a Pro

How to Build a Charcuterie Board Like a Pro


What's almost better than clothes? Charcuterie!! Wonder what to bring to family events or to serve for gatherings? Want to wow your guests? We have broke down How to Build a Charcuterie Board Like a Pro with the help of our local  Charcuterie queen Kelly!!  

What Kind of Ingredients Should go on a Charcuterie Board? 


First, get your grocery list prepared! In reality this will come from your own tastes and preferences, but it is a good idea to have a few 'staples' on the board that most guests will be familiar with. Don't put something on your meat and cheese platters that you don't like eating yourself! Check out this grocery shopping guide we put together based off the layout of our local grocery store:


◦ Grapes
◦ Strawberries or cherries
◦ 1 lemon

◦ Pistachios or cashews
◦ Dried fruit if you like
◦ Sesame sticks

◦ Peppered turkey
◦ Thin sliced beef
◦ Salami
◦ Prosciutto
◦ Smoked salmon 

◦ Wine (large grape size)
◦ Havarti dill and non dill (cubed)
◦ Brie (slices like pizza)
◦ Gouda (thinner pizza slice)
◦ Cheddar (triangle)
◦ Smoked cheddar
◦ Cream cheese (1 whipped)
◦ Cream cheese (2 packs for salmon)

◦ Wheat circles
◦ Whole grain
◦ Buns

◦ Green beans
◦ Pickles

◦ Dill
◦ Green Onions
◦ Mayo


How to Assemble your Charcuterie Board


After you've chopped, cut and cubed your ingredients, arrange your serving table with boards, dishes, ramekins and various serving platters! Pro tip: introduce height with various platters, plates and boards! It will add so much appeal!  If it's the first time you are building a Charcuterie board, leave yourself a good hour to make sure you can set everything up the way you like. It also helps to have extra hands to assemble too! ;)

    What Goes Where?

    charcuterie layout


    As I mentioned above, adding height and variation is an easy way to create a focal point where everything else flows. Start in the middle with a soft cheese, spread or bowl with pickles, then work your way out with meat, cheese, fruit, crackers. Use fruit garnishes to break up similar colors, it's fun to use whole fruit and prepared fruit to add variety and visual interest. You can also use greens and nuts as filler to do the same.


    Time to Enjoy!

    Putting together a Charcuterie board is EASY!  There are no "rules, and it will look different every. single. time!  Play with it, and have FUN!  I hope that this guide will help you through the process and allow you to create an amazing charcuterie platter for any of your up coming occasions, or for a date night at home!




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