Our Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season of giving!

Gifting brings so much joy to our lives, but there are billions of unique people in the world, and let's face it...sometimes it can be tough to find the perfect gift! We're here to help! 

Shop our holiday gift guide for all the ladies in your life! 

gift giving guide for modest woman organizing

Shop these gift ideas:

1. Classic Bouquet Appointment Book $34.00 | 2. Color Block Weekly Notepad  $12.00 | 3. Inspirational Pen Set  $18.00

 gift guide for modest women 

Shop these gift ideas: 

1. Bermuda Woven Throw $59.99 | 2. Slipper Socks $8.50 | 3. Cuddle Weather Pillow $39.00 | 4. Exfoliating Sugar Cubes  $24.00 | 5. Be Still Wood Frame Signboard $45.00 | 6. Inherit Soy Candle  $18.00

Gift guide for modest women coffee lovers


Shop these gift ideas:

1. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans $18.00 | 2. North Shore Joe Mug $16.00 | 3. Coffee Exfoliating Sugar Cubes $24.00 | 4. Coffee Coffee Coffee Travel Mug $19.00 | 5. No Coffee No Workee Wood Frame Signboard  $18.00

Gift Giving Guide for Modest Women Fashion 

Shop these gift ideas:

1. Gold + Blush Tumbler $26.00 | 2. Chenille Shrug Sweater $41.00 | 3. Mixed Floral Tumbler $33.00 | 4. Top Handle Satchel $39.99 | 5. Tribute Woolen Scarf $59.99 | 6. Simplicity Wood Frame Signboard $34.00


Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Modest Women

Shop these gift ideas:

1. Slipper Socks $8.50 | 2. Bows by Rebekka $14.50 | 3. Tiny Gummy Watermelon Slices $12.00 |  4. Metallic Ombre Tumbler $14.00 | 5. See the Good Graphic Tee $29.00


Merry Christmas + Happy shopping for those you love! 

Love + Blessings from the Inherit Team 


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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our gift guide, Lori! It is so fun to have a broad category like we shared and grab inspiration and ideas to create that unique and fitting gift! Yay for the season of giving!!
Inherit Co.
Great ideas! You make Christmas shopping look so much easier….instead of thinking of the ideas, I just need to link my list to that certain person….and there’s my gift, just a few clicks away….and items fitting for my kind of giving!

You sure can Andrea! We don’t mind, buy all the things! It’s fun to categorize and give inspiration for those who are just stuck on what to gift those favorite ladies in their life!! From modest skirts to cozy shirts and scarves, we hope to cover a lot of your gifting this season!

Inherit Co.

Can I buy all the things for myself? This gift guide takes so much of the guess work out of gift giving. Any modest woman or girl is bound to love all of these things.


Tis’ the season of gift giving! We love that this was helpful for you! The "homebody’ collection looks pretty cozy!!

Inherit Co.

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