Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet | Modest Style

Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet | Modest Style

Spring is in the air, and with that comes a feeling of change, and FRESHNESS!  This typically produces an overwhelming feeling of organizing and cleaning mode at my house, especially in the clothes closets!  The children outgrow things so quickly, and with the drastic change of seasons in Minnesota it is a great time to assess those wardrobes!  CLOSET PURGE!  This does take upfront time and effort, but the lasting rewards make it SO worth it!  

Taking the time now to get that closet in shape, will help you know what you need for the upcoming season, and have a stress free experience for all when choosing your clothes!   Let’s get organized!!

1. Set the Scene.

Modest Closet Clean Out BeforeCloset Clean Out Step 1 


Set the scene and yourself up for success.  Block off a few hours to dedicate to this task.  Get some music playing, or a good audio book!  Light a candle and get your biggest water glass filled (coffee is a bonus).   Get a bucket with warm water and a wet + dry rag handy, a vacuum, and have garbage bags or cardboard boxes for items.  Also, a tote for seasonal clothes if necessary.

2. Closet Clean-Out

Modest Closet Cleanout


Literally.  Take EVERY SINGLE item out of your closet.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  It is really easy to not do this step exactly, but it is SO important.  Once your entire closet is out, it will be harder to put items back in and help you choose the BEST pieces to keep!  Take all of the hanging items and lay on your bed, and stack any other items on the bedroom floor in like item piles!  

Wipe out every shelf, nook and cranny in your closet.  Vacuum that floor, and change that lightbulb if needed.

3. Choose your best, and donate the rest!

Modest Closet Clean Out Spring Closet Refresh

First things first, say it with me now,...Less is MORE, Simplify your life, only JOY!  Hold each item up and ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if it is closet worthy!


  • Do I LOVE how it makes me feel when I wear it, does it bring me JOY!?
  • Does it fit me TODAY and do I LOVE how it fits me? (take the time to try it on to see!)
  • Have I wore it in the past year (DO NOT let Covid be an excuse!).
  • Do I have something to pair this with? 
  • Is it in a current wearable condition (or is it ripped, stained, button off)?  A great question to ask for this situation is - would a local donation center take this or could I even sell this on a garage sale?  (Donation centers do not take ripped, stained, holes in it, really worn items, so why do YOU still have it in your closet ;-)).  IT HAS TO GO!  
  • Less is MORE, Simplify, JOY!  


The items you took out will then be sorted into the following categories.

  • Donate/Consignment Shop/Garage Sale/Sell It Site 
  • Throw away 
  • Fix
  • KEEP! Less is MORE, Simplify, JOY!  

4. Put seasonal items in storage

Modest Closet Cleanout SweaterCloset Refresh Organization

If you live somewhere with seasons like we do, you may have items that you will not even touch in the next 4-6 months!  Feel free to pack them in a tote, OR move to another closet in the house (or an ugly Christmas sweater... the back of your closet it goes!) to visually get them out of the way!  OR stop the seasonal change and choose versatile pieces that transition into every season! 

5. Organize the JOY items!

Once you’ve decided which pieces bring you JOY and are worthy of your closet, choose a method for organizing when placing back in your closet!  I organize by STYLE of clothing (t-shirts, tanks, cardigans, maxi skirts, midi, etc) OR you can organize like my sister Amanda and by color (VERY visually appealing). Fold everything neatly and hang things in a logical order that works best for your personality. Now that everything is pared down to only the BEST of the best, you are going to feel like you have a whole new wardrobe!
Closet Cleanout BeforeCloset Clean Out After
Take a peek at the before (left) and after (right)


6. Decide where your “donation” bin should go

 This step can not be missed, and take care of it ASAP!  Set up an appointment at a local consignment shop, bring the items to a donation center, or get some gals together and host a garage sale!   The sooner these items are out of the house, the better.  No second guessing your gut instinct.  It was the right decision.

Before Closet CleanoutAfter Closet Clean Out

Take a peek at the before (left) and after (right)


Less is MORE + Simplify + ONLY JOY = YOUR CLOSET




Items to help your closet get organized: 


These non-slip velvet hangers save SO much room in your closet and help maximize your space. It is also SO visually appealing for an organized look + feel! 

Premium Velvet Hangers

Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers



Bins for Closet Organization

My Shoe/Purse Organizer 

More incentive to get that closet cleaned...


Congrats to Tami L. she was the Closet Cleanout WINNER!! 114 of you took the time to clean out your closet and we are just in AWE of how amazing you all are!!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED ✨WIN $250✨ towards a new wardrobe! Let's clean those closets ladies!

How to enter: Submit a before spring clean of your closet and then a beautiful AFTER! Send before/afters to us via email at, or post on our Inherit Insider | Shop Joy Facebook Page by April 13th, 2022.

Winner will be chosen at random and announced April 14th LIVE on the App at 1PM CST! EEEEKKKK!!





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Love this post and video, so encouraging♡ unfortunately I can’t enter the competition because I seriously don’t have many clothes at all …this is because we moved countries just over a year ago and when you travel with a cloth diaper baby they get most of the suitcase spare. I do love your clothing though and did splurge with my last baby and buy two of your maturity skirts that I absolutely love♡ thanks again

I highly recommend! Even with four small children I was able to fully empty, clean and purge my closet in one day! You can do it and you will thank yourself :-)

Sarah Jean

It looks like my comment was deleted?
Is this contest open to those who don’t have a lot in their closets too?
It sounds like it is drawn at random, but my pic won’t show a huge purge because I have much less clothing than this. I would like to participate and could definitely use a gift card!

Eve G

Since you draw at random, is this still open to people without much in clothes? I have less than your after picture! And maybe only 3 pairs of shoes. I just don’t have the extra money for clothes – my kids are growing and usually need it! I don’t know if that will impact anything…

Loved the IG video on this! Do helpful, can wait to tackle mine! Can I ask what color paint you have on your bedroom walls? I love it!!

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