My Go-To Travel Clothing, Accessories and TIPS!

My Go-To Travel Clothing, Accessories and TIPS!

My Go-To Travel Clothing, Accessories and TIPS!  

I travel so often, that I decided to streamline my packing process.  The stress and anxiety with packing and travel is a real thing!  After years and years of traveling, I have simplified the process.  This was done with quite a bit of trial and error, and now it takes me almost less than an hour to pack.

While my packing always changes due to itinerary, length and climate, I have some go-to pieces + tips I want to share that lays the ground work for successful travel!

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Quinn Skirt - Looking for an airplane outfit for outdoor adventure, evening out on the town, or church over the weekend?  This skirt does it all.  It is packable, wipeable, holds shape and doesn't hold smell, and is virtually wrinkle free.  This comes in three lengths 26", 31" and 39"   

Kate Dress - Dress her up or down.  She is comfortable and is great for the beach or layered with a cardi for an evening out.  

Kylin Cardigan - Our most comfortable cardigan that pairs beautifully with the Kate or the Quinn.  Also, a great blanket feel for the airplane, cool evening air, or over your p.j.s.

Leggings - You never know the temperature, and bringing these with ensures you will be comfortable, covered and warm no matter the climate. 



Tennis Shoes - I always wear tennis shoes on my feet vs. in my suitcase.  They are typically the heaviest and great for travel days, adventures, and all.the.things.  I love white, and neutrals so they go with all my outfits  

Versatile Purse - I love a hands free purse that is also packable.  There is so much to worry about when traveling and leaving my purse somewhere is something this type of purse ensures never happens.  

Packable Hat - I love to soak up the sun but protect my face.  This hat is packable and hides a bad hair day along with not ruining your day's hairstyle with the open top style!  

Hand Sanitizer - This is not your everyday sani.  It is cleans your hands,  makes them soft to touch, and smells good, too.  Cute and the perfect size to throw in your purse!  


Your Daily Products in Minis - I found if I stay true to my skin and hair routine, I look and feel my best!  An on-the-go essential is the Capri Blue Mini Perfume Spray Pen.  Volcano scent is my favorite!  

Folding Blowdryer and Compact Straightener - These are minis of the hair styling tools I love.  This eliminates blowdrying your hair for an hour with a hotel blowdryer and looking frizzy.  They are compact and perfect for travel.  

Body Wash + Buffer - This is an instant exfoliating massage after a long day of travel and time zone changes.  It instantly gives me a refreshing pick-me-up. 

Vitamins + Eye Mask - With long travel days and new time zones, these items are great for an extra boost of B12 + an under eye de-puffer!   This helps me stay on top of the fatigue and under eye tiredness that inevitably comes with travel.   

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Travel Bathroom Bag - I have a bathroom bag, specifically for travel only, always ready to go.  I replenish when I return home from a trip.  This ensures I always have everything I need and don't forget a thing!  

Travel Packing Cubes - These are so great to organize and compartmentalize clothes within your suitcase, making it easier to pack and find items!  I can always fit more in my luggage if I use these!  

Luggage Scale - This is so handy if you check your luggage!  These days it seems like there is limited overhead bin space and more often than not, you have to check your luggage at that gate regardless.  I always check my luggage as it reduces my stress and anxiety greatly while traveling.  Use this scale to ensure you are within your airlines regulations.  It is also great to see the weight capacity left in your luggage for souvenirs on your travels back from your destination!  

I have also curated a Travel Collection that showcases clothing + products that make your traveling adventures a breeze! 

I hope these tips for travel help you on your next adventure.  I would love to have you share your favorite travel tips below!  Love + Blessings, Amy 




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