Comfort + Active Style: Movement in Modest Activewear with Inherit Customer, Cayla

Comfort + Active Style: Movement in Modest Activewear with Inherit Customer, Cayla

Embracing the journey of going through all the seasons of life is something to cherish! Finding modest clothing for those season shouldn't be difficult and that is our purpose here at Inherit!  We interviewed Cayla, an Inherit shopper, about activewear outfits that support her busy life and seasons!  

Inherit Activewear

1. Celebrating Active Seasons of Life

Embracing different seasons is a wonderful part of life! Modest activewear is one thing that seems to flow with all the seasons, allowing us to move in grace and gratitude. We love bringing you activewear that aligns with your activity offering both modesty, AND style of course!  In Cayla's current season those activities include chasing kiddos!  ​​She chose Inherit Activewear for modesty + comfort and said. “I have searched high and low and spent plenty of $$$ on different skorts hoping the reviews were what they said but never found anything! Then I found Inherit!! So many beautiful options at my fingertips! I read a lot of reviews before purchasing and loved what I read!! Your purpose and mission is how I originally started researching your website!”

2. Movement in all Seasons

We design our modest activewear to ensure easy movement! We curated this line with breathable fabrics and versatile designs that make moving from one activity to the next a breeze!  Cayla shared thatThe biggest positive in my life while wearing Inherit activewear (like the Simona or Andie!) is being able to do things from biking, swimming, walking and playing with my children and husband. We love being outside and not having to change clothes first before we go do something active is such a blessing!”

Inherit Activewear

3. Modest Athletic Wear + Versatility

Finding activewear that embraces modesty, versatility, AND and allows you to move and feel good through different seasons is hard to find.  Our modest activewear does just that and Cayla absolutely loves the Rory for its fabric and lightweight feel!

4. Fulfilling your Purpose in all Seasons

Finding clothes that allow you to focus on your purpose and feel comfortable is so important.  Cayla shared this little insight too; Right now in the season I am in, having a nursing friendly option like the Becca, is amazing! As a mama of six, I need to be able to quickly nurse and hop back into the mix of things!”

Inherit Activewear

5. Comfort in Activity

 We love that Cayla found it so easy to find clothing for her active lifestyle once she started shopping at Inherit.  “ I never knew Inherit had activewear until I started watching live sales! My first purchase was the Andie skirt! That was the main thing I struggled to find! A skort that was long enough but comfy, and yet didn’t fall down when biking! I have tried so many different brands, nothing compared to the Andie.  As for a modest athletic dress... There are VERY few long enough and when they are I struggle with low cut necks! Not with Inherit!! Quality is amazing! I have had the Becca dress from 2 springs ago and it’s still in excellent condition! As for ease of shopping, ever since I found out you carried activewear,  it’s so easy to find with your tabs under the collections on the website! My dream athletic dress would be a skort in the Becca or the Rory material!”

We LOVE knowing we are a part of Cayla's wardrobe so she can live her active lifestyle.  We love providing modest activewear that is not only modest + comfortable but also allows you to focus on each special season of life you are in. 

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