Covid Time Capsule - Great Family Activity during COVID-19

Covid Time Capsule - Great Family Activity during COVID-19

Hello! Hope you are doing well + coping in these unprecedented times!


We have enjoyed family time, and trying out new recipes + new activities!  Early on through this crisis my mom suggested to us that we document our thoughts in a journal.  When we were growing up, she would take the time to write down big events in her life, and she cherishes those penned down memories.  

We were also encouraged through our ministry at church to do the same thing!  When our school principal also encouraged the kids’ to write down some thoughts and journal during this time, it seemed like it was something we should consider..ahem.  


This Covid-19 capsule came to my attention at some point and it seemed like an amazing, FUN activity geared right towards their age! 

I also loved that there was a spot in the capsule to have parents write a letter to each child! 

We took an afternoon and started on the project, which is fun, has a variety and is easy to complete for all ages!  I am so excited to put this in my kids’ “keepsake” bins so they can show their children some day! 

We will come out of this stronger and learn so many things.  I want them to look back and remember the good, and how God brought us through!


Thank you Long Creations for creating this amazing activity!  Download the capsule here 

What are you doing to document this time we are living in? Share in the comments below, we would love to hear!



Love + Blessings,

Anthony, Amy + Family


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Hi Rachel!! Thank you so much, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, mom or the kiddos! :)

Inherit Co.
This is such a neat idea!!!

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