8 Colorful Dresses to Beat the Winter Blues

8 Colorful Dresses to Beat the Winter Blues

Nothing – and we mean nothing – says ‘goodbye winter blues’ like a flash of color in your closet. They say certain shades can make you feel happier or more energized, and our collection of colorful dresses backs that up. When it’s cold and gray outside, lovely pops of color are a must for boosting your mood. So, here they are: eight colorful dresses guaranteed to spark joy on the dreariest days… 

Want to Feel Powerful? Wear Red

Shop the shade: Lace Overlay Midi Dress, Burgundy Ruffle Detail Lace Overlay Maxi Dress

Red is the ultimate power color. Bright, bold and brave; it boosts your confidence, so it’s perfect for wearing to an interview, work event, or just on days when gusto is low. Sometimes you just need to power through your day! It’s also a romantic color, so combine it with lace dresses for date nights with your beloved. As long as you’re working this shade, you’re bound to feel great through your day – in the very best way!

Want to Feel Energized? Wear Orange or Yellow

Shop the shade: Embroidered Overlay Lace Trim Tiered V-Neck Maxi Dress, 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Button Up Floral Midi Dress

It’s no surprise that sunny shades of yellow and orange can inspire a brighter mood. These zingy, citrusy colors are said to be great for energy, so wear them on those mornings when getting up feels just. too. hard. Not only are they able to give your complexion a little extra glow (ideal when tiredness kicks in), but they also hold the power to improve enthusiasm. Sometimes, that’s just what we need. As it’s still winter, opt for burnt oranges and mustard yellow, which can have the same effect as bright shades, but suit the season perfectly.

Want to Feel Productive? Wear Blue

Shop the shade: Denim Self Tie V-Neck Midi Dress, Sky Ruffle Shoulder Flowy Midi Dress

When your to-do list just keeps growing and you’re feeling ultra-frazzled, it can be hard to get into a productive mindset – cue even more hysteria. And, while the color blue won’t be ticking off that to-do list for you, it can have a calming effect which, in turn, may make you feel more productive. So, when it’s a ‘get stuff done’ kind of day, turn to oceanic hues that enhance relaxation. These paler tones can also be a comfort if you’re feeling a little down. 


Want to Feel Happy? Wear Pink

Shop the shade: Mauve Tiered Embroidered Midi Dress, Ruby Blush Floral 3/4 Flounce Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress

For a shade so soft and pretty, (and Amy’s go-to color) pink sure can be a powerful shade. Not only is it thought to make you feel happier, but it also has calming and romantic qualities. We love a multi-tasker. As we’re still in winter, go for dusty pinks with a boho vibe right now – the rose tones above are perfect. Then, when summer comes along, pick up pastels and ballet blush tones in floaty silhouettes. Dreamy. 

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