Chambray Season | Lightweight Styles We Know you'll Love!

Chambray Season | Lightweight Styles We Know you'll Love!

This season, like most, we’re into chambray! 

When people hear the word chambray, they might initially think of denim – and yes, some of them may confuse the two. However, chambray’s combination of fineness and denseness puts a lot of people in mind of denim. However, it also has a lot of its own qualities, mainly  to be the much lighter and more breathable of the two fabrics. 

As we all know, ‘light’ and ‘breathable’ are two  qualities we just love here at Inherit. Especially on these warm summer nights! Rest assured by the fact that we’ve brought  chambray into focus in our latest collections here at Inherit, encompassing skirts, tops and more. 

A chambray skirt could be one of your favorite summer purchases! 

Could there be a more natural match for the sunnier and warmer months than a chambray skirt? Actually, yes, we think there is; an Inherit chambray skirt. That helps to explain why both our Meadow and Sky drawstring waist chambray skirts have already proved such big hits among YOU, our amazing  customers this season. 

Meadow Drawstring Waist Chambray Long Denim Jean Skirt Sky Drawstring Waist Chambray Denim Midi Jean Skirt

Shop these looks: Meadow Drawstring Waist Chambray Long Denim Jean Skirt, Sky drawstring waist chambray skirts

These chambray skirts are effectively the maxi and midi versions of each other, allowing you to match your current length preferences to this irresistibly feminine prairie-style skirt. Both skirts also have  such summer-suitable touches as a cute fringed hem, handy side pockets and a small back slit, and are really easy to pull on and wear. They would even transition into fall easily!

Take your chambray adventure so much further than skirts 

Chambray isn’t just a fabric, or even a style – it’s a state of mind! So, you might not be surprised to learn that we have also brought the unmistakable chambray aesthetic and feel to other items in our store. 

Our newest, and of course versatile dress  is this midi-length Chambray Tie Waist Midi Dress. This lightweight style  couldn't be any more easy-going if it tried, thanks to a universally-flattering fit and a tie detail to allow for a modest style.  More items range from the Chambray Stars Scrunchie – just the thing for wrapping around a low bun or wearing your hair up – to a Chambray Striped ¾ Sleeve Top that lends itself well to being layered on top of a cami or tank, and even  the reusable floral chambray facemasks for adults

Chambray Stars Scrunchie Chambray Striped ¾ Sleeve Top

Shop these looks: Chambray Stars Scrunchie, Chambray Striped ¾ Sleeve Top



 Shop this facemask: Reusable floral chambray facemasks for adults

The facemasks, for instance, are made from 100% soft cotton and can be washed for repeated use. While they are not medical grade masks, they can help to provide a layer of protection against you instinctively touching your face and spreading germs, at the same time as reassuring others in your presence and giving you a little extra peace of mind as you go about your day. 

Chambray, is a wonderfully versatile fabric and aesthetic that is also so relevant to the here and now! When you purchase your favorites among our latest chambray items in our online store, you can have them shipped directly to you, meaning you can soon experience this fabric’s wonders without needing to venture out to a physical retailer. Word has it our shipping team is amazing and you’ll be amazed at how quick your package arrives!  Stay safe, and have fun!

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