Coming together, while apart. #aworldofhearts

Coming together, while apart.  #aworldofhearts

We did a thing this week...


We learned of a movement started in North Dakota at the start of the pandemic,  by a women named Mandy Gill. She pasted hearts on her home's windows with her family, to share love, and started a Facebook Group #aworldofhearts, and the rest is history!   The Facebook Group #aworldofhearts is all about “Sharing love through hearts posted in your windows.” Simple. “By filling your windows with hearts your neighbors and those passing by will know we are in this together”  -Mandy Gill  

#aworldofheartsIn life we are all surrounded by SO many people...7.53 billion in fact. Somehow, this act of filling our windows with hearts during the crisis just resonates as a reminder that we are all united - no matter what each of us are going through! We all have a heart that was made by our wonderful almighty Creator! 



We all have a different God given purpose in life, and this crisis is affecting everyone differently but yet still affecting us all.  It also is proving how much we NEED each other and HIM! 

We enlisted our family to help cut ALL THE HEARTS for the project.  
We learned HOW to cut hearts (try, try again). We also learned how to be efficient - to stack multiple pages to produce MASS hearts with one cut! 

...and my kids had SO much fun gluing the hearts to the window, glue sticks worked PERFECT!  (I may have to do a whole other post on how to remove the hearts. LOL!). I also had my talented sister-in-law Abbie paint on the window a saying that can ground a person through a crisis.


This COVID-19 Crisis is teaching us so much, and this #aworldofhearts project did too.

  • New

  • Challenging

  • Teamwork

  • Patience

Seemed like a daunting task, but with a team, a can-do attitude, and following the guidelines, we got it done in no-time.  Together, and feeling accomplished and connected as a family.  


Am I talking about overcoming Covid as a nation or accomplishing a simple feat like the window of hearts?!  



Faith over Fear.  God’s got this.

Love + Prayers to all from

our family to yours,



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Thanks Anthony for the encouragement!


Thanks so much Missy! Please share your window with us!

Absolutely love this blog post. Keep them coming please :)
I just love everything about the #aworldofhearts project! I’m inspired to do my house window!!

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