Collection: Chasing Golden Hour Collection

Hello, everyone, Megan here! Even as a mom of 3, I enjoy wearing pretty things on a normal day + finding beauty in the mundane. Life is full of beautiful little golden moments, if you just take the time to notice them! You've all witnessed those glorious early fall evenings where the trees seem to glitter and everything is aglow! Aahh, Golden Hour. If only it would last a little longer! And that's just what inspired this collection! From warm prints to earthy fabrics that float, I want my collection with Inherit to inspire YOU to get back to the organic goodness in life. Combining structured denim, versatile layering pieces, and of course a modest dress with feminine drama. Through this collection, I hope you too, find yourself soaking up those fleeting and special moments with God, family, friends, and nature. As the temperatures drop, chase that feeling of Golden Hour, every hour of your day with this easy-to-wear capsule collection! After all, aren't we all . . . Chasing Golden Hour.

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