What are this Season's Colors in Fashion? Top 5 On-Trend Shades

What are this Season's Colors in Fashion? Top 5 On-Trend Shades

Spring is quickly turning into summer. That means seeing the season's bold new color trends on the racks. What colors will you see this season? The answers might surprise you!

The color palette for Spring involves muted hues. Summer will bring vibrant, bold colors, like deep reds, golden orange, tan, and blues of all shades.

Yet, this year's on-trend summer colors are not what you expect. This year, the on-trend shades are muted hues that play off the season's bolder colors. Vibrant colors will become accessories to the soft, muted pieces of the season.

Top 5 Colors On-Trend this Season 


Spring is the time to clean out your closet and make room for the new season's trends. What five colors will be curating your summer looks?

This season, brilliant colors traditionally used in summer fashions will provide a pop of color in the form of accessories. The main pieces in your wardrobe will have a more understated color palette with a focus on muted shades.

1. Blush Pink

What do you think of when you think of hot summer afternoons? You probably imagine drinking iced tea on the back porch and watching your kids chase the dog. Now imagine you are wearing a blush pink midi dress. What a perfect afternoon that would be.

Blush pink is a classic color that continually makes its way to the top of the list when designers choose the on- trend shades of the season. Blush is adorably feminine, and why it's a top choice season after season.

2. Muted Sage

Muted Sage is one of the hues making its way to the top of the list for this season's trending colors. Any hue of green will do, from olive to emerald. It will satisfy your taste for fresh, minty shades. A flowy a-line midi skirt or a cute and comfy maxi dress are the two primary pieces you will need to start off the season. Pair it with a cross-body bag or clutch.

3. Pink Clay

Pink Clay is not just another shade of pink. It is a hue in the perfect color for warm summer evenings spent roasting marshmallows with the kids on the back patio as you lounge in your favorite skirt

4. Brilliant White

You know, it just goes with everything, including those classic denim skirts and just about any cardigan to boot! This season, white makes the top five! Pair a denim midi skirt with a brilliant white t-shirt or style yourself with a heathered maxi dress with beautiful lace trim.

5. Coastal Blue

The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing a shade of light blue. This season, shades of blue are popular but the most popular trend in blue is the knit maxi dress with short sleeves. Pair it with a strappy sandal, and you are ready for any summertime event.

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