The Best Accessories for Cozying Up in Winter

The Best Accessories for Cozying Up in Winter

It’s officially winter – cold, blustery and unpredictable. The time of the year when staying cozy is a must in the face of plummeting temperatures. Sometimes, it takes more than a coat; what you really need is winter accessories to layer for warmth. Think chunky knits, blanket-like scarves and a pair of furry slippers for when you get home. 

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve rounded up the best accessories for a cozy winter. Add these to your cold-weather wardrobe, and you’ll be snug all season long… 


1. Pop of Color Scarves

Light Weighted Burnt Orange Striped Scarf
Light Weighted Green Striped Scarf

 Shop these winter accessories: Light Weighted Burnt Orange Striped Scarf, Light Weighted Green Striped Scarf


If your outerwear is neutral but you want to add a pop of color to your winter look, a printed scarf is an easy update. Try a burnt orange or khaki green. Muted enough to go with everything, but adding a dash of contrast against blue, black or camel coats, they tie your look together in an instant. Layer up in one of these for a winter walk.


2. Cable Knit Everything

Ivory Cable Knit Mittens
Sota Burnt Orange Cable Knit Beanie

 Shop these winter accessories: Ivory Cable Knit Mittens, Sota Burnt Orange Cable Knit Beanie


Nothing says cozy like cable knit. Chunky, comfy and stylish, it’s a tight, thick style of weaving; perfect for keeping the cold away from hands and head. We love this ivory and orange hat and mittens combo, giving you style and comfort from top to fingertips. Just wait until you feel how soft they are, too.


3. Static-Smoothing Scrunchies 

Gold Glitter Bow Scrunchie
Rose Glitter Velvet Bow Scrunchie

 Shop these winter accessories: Gold Glitter Bow Scrunchie, Rose Glitter Velvet Bow Scrunchie


Long hair will get static on those cold, dry, winter days. Our quick fix? Instead of wearing locks loose, tie them up in a velvet scrunchie for an effortless look. Keeping frizz-prone hair smoothed back while adding a hint of jewel-toned color to your outfit, the bow detail on these pretty hair ties will instantly dress up a ponytail.


4. Multi-Tasking Pashminas

Honey Plaid Pasha Knit Scarf
Taupe Knit Stitched Scarf

 Shop these winter accessories: Honey Plaid Pasha Knit Scarf, Taupe Knit Stitched Scarf


Anything that doubles up as a blanket is a must-have in our books. That’s why we’re forever fans of pashmina scarves in fine, soft weaves that are multi-purpose. Double or triple wrap as a scarf, drape it over your shoulders for warmth, or snuggle underneath it at home. These two neutral picks will take you right through to spring.


5. Snug at Home Slippers

Gray Faux Fur Double Strap Slide Slippers
Pink Faux Fur Criss Cross Slide Slippers

 Shop these winter accessories: Gray Faux Fur Double Strap Slide Slippers, Pink Faux Fur Criss Cross Slide Slippers


Stay home in the comfiest faux fur slippers. Slide them on with your favorite loungewear, switch a movie on, light a candle, and you’ve got all the makings of a dreamy night in. These slider styles are trending right now, but plush slippers are timeless, so they’ll get plenty of wear from one winter to the next. They make a great gift for loved ones, too.


6. Easy to Wear Headbands

Black Houndstooth Twist Headband
Gray Houndstooth Twist Headband

 Shop these winter accessories: Black Houndstooth Twist Headband, Gray Houndstooth Twist Headband


An ultra-stylish alternative to knitted hats, headbands can be slipped over your head to cover your ears, all without causing frizz when you wear your hair loose. Team with loosely tonged locks and a swipe of smoothing lip balm. These printed bands go well with black, gray or taupe coats, and a color-coordinating scarf and gloves.


7. Seasonal Scented Candles

Mulled Cider Soy Candle
Merry and Bright Mini Soy Candle

 Shop these winter accessories: Mulled Cider Soy Candle, Merry & Bright Mini Soy Candle


Home accessories count, too… Right? Any excuse to talk scented candles. You can light them year-round, but that warm, flickering glow feels all the more inviting at wintertime. Choose scents inspired by festive baking, fresh fir trees or hot mulled cider. Basically, anything that gets you in the mood for the holiday season. 

Want more cold-weather inspiration? Discover the best dress colors for fall and winter, from soft sage greens to burnt oranges. You’ll want a dress in every shade.

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