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Perfect Conservative Christian Clothing

Perfect Conservative Christian Clothing

We have  beautiful  conservative Christian outfits to complete your wardrobe

We realize here at Inherit, just how difficult it can be to find cute, trendy and modest clothing. That is why we continually strive to create a curated line that fits our lifestyle and meets the need of hard to find conservative Christian clothing online as well as at our brick-and-mortar location in Morris, Minnesota. 

Gingham Button Pocket Midi Dress // Sage Pocket and Sash Midi Dress // Remi Sage Green Midi Skirt // Multi Stripe Midi Dress

Shop these looks:
Gingham Button Pocket Midi Dress // Sage Pocket and Sash Midi Dress
Remi Sage Green Midi Skirt // Multi Stripe Midi Dress

Modest style that allows you to be yourself 

It’s a misconception that dressing modestly and in a conservative, Christian way has to mean dressing in an unflattering or ‘frumpy’ style. Here at Inherit, we believe feeling beautiful means never compromising what you believe. This belief drives all of our purchasing and designing to fill the need of such hard to find modest skirts. Our clothing is threaded with purpose so that you can live your life in high-quality, cute + trendy, but also conservative Christian clothing. 

Kelly Midi or Maxi Skirt

Shop these looks:
Kelly Midi or Maxi Skirt in Emerald Green, Heather Gray & Peach

A highly rewarding shopping experience 

Whether you shop from us ‘in person’ at our brick-and-mortar location or our online store, we are beyond thrilled to bring you the modest skirts, dresses, tops, leggings and other essentials that support your lifestyle of dressing conservatively, practically and joyfully. 

Are you currently looking  for maxi skirts that are oh-so  feminine while also being easy to pair with a favorite top? Maybe you’re on the search for a neutral and versatile button-up top, or a comfy, lined midi dress that seems to be the perfect pairing to a dressy sandal and your favorite tote or accessory ? 

These examples of cute, conservative Christian clothing demonstrate that it’s more than possible to dress modestly at the same time as embracing your own unique style. After all, God made each one of us with our own tastes and preferences, so you will want to keep true to you when putting together your Christian wardrobe. 

Did you know that everything ships FREE when you place an order of $100 or more in our online store, you can always enjoy free domestic shipping that way! YAY!  We hope you find what you are looking for when shopping with us and with every touch point you look and feel beautiful inside and out!  

Kirsten Striped Midi Dress // Remi Cobalt Blue // Remi Tiffany Blue

Shop these looks:
Kirsten Striped Midi Dress
Remi Cobalt Blue // Remi Tiffany Blue


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