How to Dress in Modest Clothing for Women But Still Look Cute

How to Dress in Modest Clothing for Women But Still Look Cute

Great news: you do not have to trade modesty for style - you can have both! Yes, that’s right: you can wear modest clothing for women and still look cute in the process. It’s kind of like being told you can have your cake and eat it too!

Here are a few of the ways you can style yourself so you look cute, modest, and ready to take on the day: 

Try the Elevated Casual Look



The elevated casual style is exactly what it sounds like: you elevate your casual style with a few additional layers. It is one of the best ways to style on-trend modest clothing.

There are a few different ways to achieve an elevated casual look.  One way is by layering with a cardigan or jean jacket. An oversized chunky cardigan or a classic denim jean jacket are both great options to help dress up your casual attire, whether it is a cute smocked dress or basic top and skirt. 

This look will have you feeling both easy-going and confident. 

Wear Below-the-Knee Skirts 

Below-the-knee skirts are another great option for when you want to look cute while still dressing modestly. And there are plenty of different types to choose from: 

  • Pleated skirts: These skirts are not just cute but also stylish. These skirts are a fashion trend of 2022 and a versatile option regardless of the weather. You can wear these throughout the seasons so you can feel cute year-round! A floral pleated skirt would be perfect for spring and summer, while a fall-colored pleated skirt will fit right in during the autumn months! 
  • Denim skirts: Colorful denim skirts are another cute and trendy option for 2022. This skirt dresses up the classic look of denim with bold colors that can be paired with natural colors or other bold colors. A pink denim skirt can add a touch of femininity to your outfit while a rosewood-colored skirt can help you feel bold. However, for those who prefer the classic denim look, long denim skirts are another cute and versatile clothing option that can be dressed up or down as desired. 
  • Maxi skirts: These are another cute and versatile skirt option. You can pair a black or watercolor maxi skirt with a plain shirt for a cute but casual look, or you can dress up your maxi skirt with extra layers, such as a cardigan or denim jacket. Whether you’re going for casual, feminine, or stylish, you are sure to feel cute - and confident - in one of these skirts. A midi skirt is another great and versatile option that is perfect for a casual day, a day at the church, or a day out with your family.

Feminine is Always in Style

Nothing says feminine more clearly than a dress! Like below-the-knee skirts, there are plenty of dress options available. 

  • Midi dress: A dress that can range from below the knee to above the ankle, this dress is both flattering and stylish. This versatile option can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories such as a cardigan or even a belt.
  • Maxi dress: The maxi dress is the midi dress’ longer sister, reaching right to the ankle. Like the midi dress, the maxi dress is a fashionable and comfy wardrobe piece that can be worn on its own or layered with jean jackets and cardigans. 
  • Overall dress: This adorable dress can be layered over a shirt for a casual look or dressed up with a cardigan or denim jacket. As the days warm up, a floral printed overall button-down print dress would be perfect for the spring and summer seasons. 

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