Four Ways to Wear a Bandana Scarf

Four Ways to Wear a Bandana Scarf

There's been some discussion this season here at Inherit about a certain little accessory...the bandana scarf! We are wondering what you think...timeless + classic or just a trend you are NOT feeling?!

It's something that our grandmothers are still wearing, and is an Inherit best seller, so we're leaning towards timeless! The bandana scarf is such an affordable and gorgeous way to add both style and class to any outfit! Whether you are still on the fence about them, or totally sold, we have a few styling tips to share that will complete ANY outfit!

1. Neck 

Bandana scarf -Inheritco

Shop this look: Polka Dot Cotton Bandana

This is a classic look that can be experimented with to create a totally different effect using a simple fold. This classic take on the bandana can be tied so many different ways (i.e. in a bow look, rolling, tying, or simply throwing it around your neck). There are endless ways to coordinate this with any dressy or casual ensemble.

2. Purse

Bandana scarf as accessory -Inheritco

Shop this look: Multi Tile Bandana

Shop available bags in our accessories!  

If any one of these styles speaks class to us, it is a silk bandana scarf tied on your favorite handbag!  Add a pop of color to a neutral bag to change it up for the season. 

3. Hair

Bandana scarf head -Inheritco

Shop this look (left): Multi Tile Bandana

Shop this look (right): Ruffle Shoulder Top

 We know that so many of you have long, beautiful locks that this style would be totally gorgeous in--whether as a hair tie with a low pony or a headband! We love the idea of adding a care-free feel to any outfit by tying it around a high OR low ponytail, too!

4. Belt

Bandana scarf belt -Inheritco

Shop this look: Multi Tile Bandana // Stella Colored Denim Skirt 

This is a modern way to add a pop of additional texture and pattern to any of our belted skirts! SUPER cute! 

Alright ladies! Are you on board with the bandana scarf this season? We'd love to hear how YOU style yours! Comment below and also send us photos so we can share how you wear! @inheritco #inheritco,


Happy Fall Y'all!  


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Hi Sheila! The pic is so gorgeous!
Shangri-La Fashion
Hi Sheila!

Thank you so much for sharing! We love scarves, bandanas and the versatility they bring to outfits! Of course when you need to get rid of the layers, tying to your purse is perfect!!

Inherit Co.
Love scarfs so much. It can dress up or down an outfit. I like the longer ones as you can do so much more with them. If I have a hot flash I just tie it to my purse.

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