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EXCITING NEWS! The Skirt Outlet has a NEW name!

EXCITING NEWS! The Skirt Outlet has a NEW name!

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We are thrilled to share with you what we have been working on SO hard behind-the-scenes the past six months!  We have a new name, new website, and a firm foundation set for our business!  We are so happy and excited to share everything with you!  We would love to take a few minutes to share our hearts and the story behind the new name "Inherit"...

What's in the name?

"When the opportunity to purchase The Skirt Outlet landed in the email inbox, we immediately fell in love with the business concept and potential. We knew we wanted to make the business our own with a new name to represent our core values, vision and hearts. We are thrilled to give this business our voice! When searching for a name, we wanted meaning and significance.  To remember why we are here on this earth and to not lose focus. For us, the Bible is our foundation and guide.  A well-known verse is "The meek shall inherit the earth". For my family, and I, we believe that our inheritance is heaven. We can't lose focus of this goal. Our priorities in life are faith, family, work ...in that order. This new name was such a fit for use because it evokes modesty + community and reminds us that everything we do has a purpose, an inheritance. More than clothes, we are here to serve others and create a community of positive women. We believe that feeling beautiful means never compromising what you believe!  --Amy + Anthony                                                                                      



It is more than just changing our name, and our brand colors (which we absolutely adore :-)), but we want to define who we are as a business, and what our purpose is.   A foundation for us, our employees, and the future of this business. 
Skirt outlet NEW name -Inheritco

Our Mission

"To offer women clothing that transcends the trends, while bringing our style of joy to the world." 

Being true to ourselves is being true to our customers. You mean the world to us. We have a new name, and a new look, and are striving to curate the styles that you know, love, and allow you to be true to yourself! 

Our Brand Statement

"threaded with purpose"
Inherit Clothing Co. creates quality apparel for women who believe modest fashion is not about showing the world your style--it is simply about being true to yourself. By combining effortless looks, quality fabrics and an exceptional customer experience, we will help create a community through common threads of our own making. 
At the end of the day, our goal is to have our actions and work be led by our core values.  Each day striving for that inheritance!   

Our Values


Now enough about us...go check out our new webpage, and buy yourself something pretty!  Have you seen our new jean skirts yet!?   

New Arrivals 

Jean skirt -Inheritco

 Many thanks for joining us on this journey!  We SO look forward to serving you!!!








  • Thank you Jessica so much for sharing with us! We can assure you that skirts and modest wear are our heart. Styles and patterns come and go, but classic staples are what we do! We are so grateful you have been here with as as The Skirt Outlet and now as Inherit Clothing Company! I hope you and your girls continue to find modest staples that you love here!

    Inherit Co. on

  • Hello! The new name and look on the website is fabulous! I confess I’m a bit nervous though. This has been my go-to favorite shop for layering essentials and for skirts, for me and for my daughters. It’s also my go-to for maternity skirts. I hope that doesn’t change and that we will still be able to find a-line mid length skirts and also long skirts that are not tight or thin to order from here. It’s truly the only place I’ve been able to dress myself and my daughters.

    Jessica on

  • Thank you ladies SO much for your support, words of encouragement and love! We are truly so excited to grow our modest offerings at Inherit Clothing Company. Skirts are our heart and we can’t wait to share classic designs with you!

    Inherit on

  • Love your new business. Please keep long and mid length denim skirts without splits. This is one of the only outlets I could ever get them on!

    Laura on

  • Love this! Congrats!

    Sarah on

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