A Grateful Heart Blessing Cards



Let the cards in the A Grateful Heart Box of Blessings inspire you to live a life of gratitude!

A Grateful Heart Blessing Cards are little nuggets of inspiration that fit in the palm of our hand will guide your mind to seek out the beauty of each day. The cards in A Grateful Heart Box of Blessings are all printed in full color, double-sided, and feature a combination of Scripture verses and inspiring quotes on both sides. The cards cycle through 5 double-sided designs that include combinations of birds, angels, and flowers, all presented in softly muted tones.

The cards are roughly the size of a playing card deck, allowing you to tuck words of inspiration in a purse, between the pages of a book, or into a greeting card. Give the cute, colorful, and current A Grateful Heart Box of Blessings as a thank-you gift, add them to snail mail for home-bound folks or hand them to friends and strangers. The cards in the A Grateful Heart Box of Blessings will lighten your mood and bring a positive outlook to your day!

  • Material: cardstock, cardboard
  • Color: Red
  • Size: L: 4" x W: 2.5"